I have too many rant posts ;_;

(_ _);; Gemini’s upload was supposed to be today, because today is Ryan’s yt channel 2-year anniversary. But… x_X we failed. I mean, that’s not a big deal actually lol. It’s just that us trying our best to get it out today was really stressful. ;_;

I came home from school at 3 PM—exhausted already because I hate school—then got on the computer and immediately started working on the preliminary mix from Ryan. x____X And mixed… and mixed……. and mixed some more…………. until 10 PM. ._. When I finally passed on the mix to  Chiisana for EQing, mastering, fixing up all of the volume issues that I left. Then I still had to go on Sony Vegas to fix a part of the video because Jeffrey messed up, so we had to change the order for the dialogue. :/

And idkkkk ;w; it’s just stressful. And being in a rush.. but being really frustrated because the files were hard to work with and because I’m not that great of a mixer.. >< I didn’t know what I was doing. And mixing for 6-7 hours straight like that really put me in a grumpy mood, paired with an irritable temper.
There was so much to do in so little time. ;_; Because I still had to keep in mind that I had to pass on the files to Chiisana, who would still have a LOT of work cut out for her [with hw still to do].. then she’d have to pass the final mp3 to me to render the video with and then finally upload. x_X It was too much to do in a day so we failed.

There is SOOO much pressure though. This is our first full song [although it’s not all 6 members] ever since DUBattle. This is our first upload since NRP asked us to be affiliated, which was a huge huge huge huge honor. Not to mention, VocaFusion is going on right now so standards for everything have shot up to the clouds, whether we’re talking about singing or mixing or animating. ._.

Tbh, Gemini isn’t that good at mixing. :/ We don’t have a certain set mixer or animator, and we kind of do everything ourselves instead of asking for outside help. >< Or, well, a lot of times I’m both primary mixer and primary animator. ;_; Which does NOT help the quality on either because it’s so much to do… But yeah, we’re not good at getting things to sound polished. O_O We don’t have any member that’s REALLY, REALLY an expert on mixing and knows how to do everything. xD;; We pass files around because we all know different aspects of mixing. But in the end, we’re lacking. And what we have right now of this upcoming upload is lacking a LOT. It’s worrisome. It’s a mess. ._. It can’t live up to the recent studio-quality choruses that we’re surrounded by…

We’re not good at animating either. Oh and did I mention I do most of the animating? =.= Like, I’m not even an animator. I don’t consider myself one at all. I’ve been video-editing for a long time, from making AMVs and MMVs and whenever we were able to do video projects in high school. ;w; And I didn’t start actually -seriously- learning to use Sony Vegas until DUBattle started. So I guess I’m kind of a video-editor.

But I do things my way and I don’t have that Nico Nico Douga style ._____. which makes my “animation” look cheap, uncreative, and weird.. AHHHHHHHHHHH so much pressure. >< I don’t feel satisfied at all with my video for this but 1) I don’t know how to improve it, and 2) it’s kind of too late since we’re trying to upload ASAP.

And now Chiisana just mixed down a demo ;______; and the timing is strangely off… some parts are too early, some parts lag, and these mistakes were actually NOT in my demo from when I passed everything over to Chiisana. D: And we don’t know what’s the cause, so now we have no choice but to just fix everything… Things just keep getting better and better for us. Plus, Chiisana and I have things like school, work [9AM-6PM for me tomorrow], homework, play rehearsals, SLEEPING, etc to worry about so it might be days before this video is  uploaded l-lol..
(_ _);;;;;;;;

We really did our best though. >.< And since we already decided to delay this upload, we’re really going to put in our best effort to make this sound the best that we can. The crappy video is staying as is because.. =w= yeah. I’m not redoing the video. -hairflip-
Overall, my mood right now though is just kinda… BLAHHHHHHHHHHHH.


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