Unofficial VocaFusion Round 1 Rankings

WHOAAAA. O A O Aika really spent a lot of time to make this detailed ranking.. (_ _);; I commend her so much haha. I found this really interesting. :3 [VIVICHEM OF COURSE haha. And I’m proud of PareFura for currently being #7. ^__^ That’s pretty good!]

I’ve been kind of immersed into the whole vocaloid scene lately LOL. It makes me so confused about what kinds of things I want to cover or upload in the near future.. ;w; I’m so happy though to be meeting a lot of people of the vocaloid community. ^^ It’s such an honor. New friends <3

Okay bye ]: strapping myself down to this homework.
It’s funny how it’s homework for Stress Management that’s stressing me out like crazy right now..


Hopefully upload from Gemini tomorrow if things go well?

Edit;; …. I’m very worried for Gemini’s upload. It still needs a lot of work, but we’re bent on uploading tomorrow because it’s Ryan’s RyanEatPho youtube channel 2-year anniversary. We’re really going to have to do our best tomorrow, to pull this off..


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