[11:10:35 PM] Chiisana: o.o hw restlessness?
[11:10:41 PM] Eva: of course

I can’t believe that on the first day of school, my Stress Management teacher assigned us 60 textbook pages to read. :/ I’m on page 42. I still have other hw to do..
And it’s like, WHAT IS THIS IRONY, I’m supposed to be learning how to CONTROL my stress, not be sitting here wanting to burn the f out of this textbook and ragequit ;______;  This is also way too much information to digest. I’m stressing out so much because although I’m doing my best to take notes—is anyone else in my class even going to take notes tbh???—I CAN’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING and way too much is being pushed onto me even though I’ve only attended one class so far..

I’m reading about anxiety and stuff, and it’s like, YES, YOU ARE CAUSING ME TO FEEL THE EXACT SAME ANXIETY AS THAT YOU ARE TEACHING ME ABOUT, sankyu.


I like how when I’m bored, stressed, or have some random thought, I come running back here to type up some random post about trivial crap hahahaha. I do have a twitter, but to me, this blog is like my twitter, I guess. xD;; Somewhere to go to express the thoughts at the top of your head…
But for some reason, I can’t really bring myself to use my twitter. :/ I just use it to lurk and stalk people. Ryan convinced me to start using twitter to help promote Gemini and I decided that I would use it to post my random not-for-youtube recordings, although now that I revived this blog, I’ll be posting those here mainly.

But I don’t know >.< I’m just really not a twitter/facebook/tumblr type of person although I’m always online on those to stalk around, or to look at pretty & funny stuff in tumblr’s case. I don’t know how people can so openly express their thoughts and broadcast them in public to the world. D: That sounds really hypocritical since I’m doing exactly that here, right now, but I think there’s a difference because obviously if you’re reading this, you must have purposely come onto my blog. You must purposely be here to see what I might have to say ;w; or because you have an interest in me—maybe even if you dislike me—or just because you randomly and irrelevantly found this page. This is my own space that I can do whatever I want with. :/ I don’t care if people see this but I’m not ASKING anyone to see this either. But social networking is different because if you’re posting it, it must be something you want everybody to see. D: Sometimes it’s kind of like pushing it into others’ faces? I don’t really get how some people are able to do that ;__; Maybe they’re just courageous.

I think I’ll try tweeting or using twitter to reply to people once in a while though, when I gather enough courage to OwO it’s just that I’m super awkward and never have anything to say or contribute haha. -loser that always thinks long and hard before tweeting-

Anyway >w<  since school started and I’m very much a procrastinator, you can expect me to come here to make random, trivial posts of spam LOL.


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