This post needs a title.

;______; Winter break ended and I went back to school today for the new semester…
Can I quit already please =.=

I’ve been dreading this for so long. >_> It was so enjoyable being on winter break and being in denial about the fact that I’m in college.. and now all the responsibility and burden is back. ;__; College, I despise you!!

Um. I was so nervous that I accidentally sat on a bench covered in bird shit. ._.
And I really must be the biggest idiot on the face of the planet.. I don’t know WHAT induced me to register for classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 AM til 2:45 PM, with no gaps in between…….. =______= I am going to starve.

I’m lucky [not really]  that today, my classes ended super early–one of my classes lasted for 7 MINUTES–so twice I just.. went back to my car and sat in my car like the pathetic loner with no friends that I am. ._. So I guess I used that time to eat the croissant I packed. It’s going to be so tiring though >.<;;

Also, my first class is called Stress Management ._. but I’m already stressed out like hell because of it.

I’m not looking forward to this at all ><
I’m not looking forward to all this responsibility, to being so tired everyday again, to going to school 3 and a half days, to also going to work 1 and a half days, to frequent all-nighters for homework or studying for tests, to having to try to socialize, to the fact that I actually do not have a single friend in college. .____. Well I have 1 friend in a way.. but we don’t really talk or hang out or anything and he has his own group of friends. It’s really hard to make friends though since I’m not dorming :/ and I didn’t enter the school with a group of friends already.

So everyday I’m just going to be really exhausted and really happy when I finally get home. ;_; -clings to computer- -clings to room- -clings to bed- -clings to skype- -clings to online friends- -clings to League- -clings to youtube-


On another note, I have somehow become a really huge fangirl of Vivid Chemistry and I think I will be shot forever for this. THEY’RE SOOO GOOOD THOUGHHHH and I’m friends with Robert and I just met List ;w;!!! I’m so starstruck, ahhhhhhhhhh.

Lately I’ve been meeting more and more people from the vocaloid community *_________* I honestly had no idea I was so easily starstruck. I’m so happy to meet them though.


It’s 2 AM. ;_; I should probably sleep ’cause tomorrow I have a 2-hour class in the morning and then I work until 6 PM. x_X But I’m not sure if I could fall asleep ’cause I took a nap earlier because I was EXHAUSTED from my first day of school and I was knocked out like a light for.. I lost count of how many hours. ;_; Probably between 4 to 6  hours.

But basically my schedule is:
Mon: school 9 – 2:45
Tue: work 9  – 6
Wed: school 9 – 2:45
Thu: school 10:30 – 12:30, work 1 – 6
Fri: school 9:30 – 11:20

fyi I have no endurance, so -collapses-



Um.. Gemini should have an upload coming this week hopefully! ^^ We’re kind of slow workers though =.= unless it’s a spontaneous thing like with IHGCOTBBISL, Ugly, and Last Christmas.. But it’s coming……. lol. We had the first demo today ;w; It needs a lot of work.. (_ _);;;; I’m a little worried. But hey, at least it’s not DUBattle Royale where we have to worry about deadlines. We’re not meant for competitions tbh LOL. We don’t do deadlines =w=
[Fyi the thing we plan to upload this week was actually started in like.. November.]


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