making Eva inexplicably sad since .. right now.



I’ve been watching over the VocaFusion chorus battle entries [Strawberry Mint is soo good<3] and I KNOW there are still a bunch of really good groups that still haven’t submitted entries yet because I’ve heard about a lot of them and just… ;________; all these pro, talented people with so much popularity [which they deserve, I cannot deny] and I’m just….. ;_______; this makes me sad LOL.

No but really ._. ’cause I can’t even compare to any of them, in singing, in animating, in mixing… nothing.

I really admire them though :/ but….. -corner forever- -draws in imaginary sand with finger- -pokes mushrooms- -eats chocolate-

I’m doing my best though >_< I want to improve at everything. I’ve been feeling really shot down lately regarding my voice, singing, and rapping because.. idk I just can’t do it ]: and I have this good-for-nothing high, thin, sharp, piercing, childish voice that makes everything hard to pull off. I can’t do anything about that part. Right now, I really wish to improve at mixing and animating so I’ll do my best with practicing that. >_< Some of my friends consider me a jack of all trades, but it’s sad because I’m master of none. T.T
[and then I remember people like Katie who can sing superly well, mix, animate, draw, and is a really nice person and it’s like O A O wow. so something like that can actually exist. -admires to fullest-]


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  1. Awww, :( well Eva you’re one of a kind! There are plenty of people that want your voice! My voice is too soft so no one can hear me :'( being jealous get you anymore, try harder and be happy for bein who you are! A high voice can be a good thing anyways! You have talent in many things video editing, I suck at video editing, you can also sing, I can’t , you can also get a lot of subs and I only have 1! Haha good luck Eva.

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