I’m sorry, the server of Eva’s sanity is down due to malfunction. We seem to be experiencing signs of extreme boredom.


There’s nothing to do ;w;! Lately I’ve had this weird craving to animate something but I’ve already done overkill on Gemini’s upcoming video and I can’t animate the instrumental break because we haven’t figured out the dialogue, and we can’t figure out the dialogue because some members are busy with VocaFusion. ;_;

And I want to play League of Legends but ;w; my League buddies Ryan and Jay have gone to bed..
[Oh yeah =w= Ryan got me into League lol. I’m really bad at it but it’s soooo much fun to play with friends ♥ I’m a little addicted ehe.]

At least I have smoked salmon to keep me company.. -noms-

Oh well! At least being bored is better than being in school! >8D Speaking of which, I don’t wanna go back next week. >_< Please don’t make me~~


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  1. I love Salmon. Lol good luck though ~~~

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