The Boys + .. rant

;w;.. I uproaded a sholo……

.. so when this song came out, I was like, “Wow I’m not going to solo this because everybody–and everybody that everybody knows–is going to solo this.” =w=

And then around the time of my “【Eva】 2006 – 2011” video, the Gemini girls were going to try to enter SM’s The Boys vocal contest. To keep it a surprise, I didn’t specify why I was singing The Boys ;w; and I guess that viewers assumed I meant I was solo’ing it.. (_ _);; Oh and obvs our entry never even came close to seeing the light. One day soon though! ^^

Anyway, I was like .. O A O…. -stricken by guilt-
Aaaand I especially felt sorry towards Nami (JPNSinger101) and Katie (seahorsegurl) who had both commented saying they were looking forward to my cover of The Boys, sooooooo ;w;..!! yeah. Also, coincidentally, those two girls are people I really admire and envy [guhh I want their mature voices], and I’m really thankful to them, and I hope they see this. -hides-

…My range is kind of sad. Those high notes are sad.
Thanks to Chii (ChiisanaChanx3) for helping to teach me some of the harmonies and Ryan (RyanEatPho) for fixing that one part! ..Jeffrey, thanks for trying to help although I ended up asking Chii in the end. =w=b


I totally cheated. LOL. Well idk, I preferred singing the high notes at a lower pitch and then pitching it up.. ;w; rather than doing it in head voice. My range is so depressing though (_ _);;;;;; It was really saddening to sing because I just couldn’t do it LOL. Also, I don’t do runs. =w= So I did my own thing instead of trying to do it properly.




I’m in a call with some Gemini members right now and our topic has basically been 1) Jessica’s run, and 2) Jessica’s “’cause the girls bring the boys out, etc etc” high note part.


They can do it all………………………………………………………………………..

But I can’t do any of it >_< This is really depressing hahaha. ;_; I don’t get how they do it. Ryan did Jessica’s run like.. flawlessly. It was seemless and 100% on pitch and he hit all 8 notes, at the right tempo, and omg……… And then Chiisana can do it too, although she did it a bit slower but STILL OMG. -stabs self- And Jeffrey.. =w= can’t do it either but he can do it in slow-mo and hit all the notes and it still sounds good and he’s definitely on his way and WTF. ;________;

And then the high notes >_<
I have the worst range among all of the Gemini members ;_; and it’s something that kind of haunts me. I’m really trying my best and my range has been improving very slowly, but I just can’t do high notes. :/ Freaking Jeffrey =.= him and his endless range…. I do not understand… And then Chii’s range, omg, I’m so jealous she’s a soprano… And then Ryan’s range omg. And then Jay’s range omg. And then Mimi with her crazy high notes omg. Can I just stab myself ;_;

;_; I feel kind of incompetent haha. Like, all of Gemini’s members are insanely versatile… More than you know. :/ There are a lot of sides to them that aren’t shown to the public [most of us are really shy] so I don’t think anybody really knows how talented and versatile they are, BUT THEY REALLY ARE. Trust me. It’s really crazy and I admire them so much. And then I’m here like….
-can’t do harmonies-
-has to ask Jeffrey for help-
-too stupid to effectively use Jeffrey’s help-
-has to ask Chii for a harmony guide-
-can’t do high notes-
-has to ask Ryan to melodyne the highest “girls bring the boys out”-
-can’t do runs but watches everyone else pull them off-
-can’t do high notes, so makes sure that Chii and Mimi get them all-
-doesn’t have any creativity-
-gets ideas from Mimi-
-tries to rap but voice is too high and childish-
-considered main mixer but can’t do mastering-
-has to leave EQing to Chii-
-has to leave tuning to Ryan-
-considered main animator-
-can’t compare at all to usual animators-
-tries to sound soft and emotional-
-can’t compare to Mimi-
-tries to belt-
-can’t compare to Chii, Ryan, or Mimi-
-tries to sound cute-
-can’t compare to the king of aegyo, Jay-




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