My Ear’s Candy

Wow, I know, I JUST posted something like 5 minutes ago but OMG. That picture from my birthday last year makes me cringe so much and I’m soooo embarrassed and just ;____; can I please just.. spam it away? LOL.

Hi! This is a random post so that my 2011 birthday post will be pushed further downwards!



Gemini [my singing group with the 5 people I consider my best friends tbh] has a tumblr! It’s for sharing and commenting on covers/fandubs/choruses/collabs/groupdubs that we like. ^^ We don’t post often though because.. we’re lazy.

The title is PAINFULLY SIMILAR to my entertainment blog’s, which is Candy for the Ears. =w= It’s the same concept. Whatevs.
The reason we went with My Ear’s Candy is because Gemini in general crosses a lot of boundaries and we’re friends with a lot of the communities that separate the larger online Asian-pop singing community—-K-pop, Hello! Project, vocaloid, J-pop, etc.. D; And each community has its own set of vocabulary?
For example, K-pop has covers and collabs, H!P has fandubs and groupdubs, vocaloid has choruses. There aren’t universal terms. ;_; We wanted something like HugADub or DubberCentral but we didn’t want to limit our posts to any single genre or community. And thus, My Ear’s Candy.
That explanation was way too long. (_ _);; I must be bored. It’s almost 3 AM.




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