More spazzing =w=

This isn’t a new groupdub. It’s from April 2011, in fact, and I blogged about it here when it first came out. I had this huge spazz session over being in the same groupdub of Tonkhai because I’m a huge fan of her. I decided to relisten to this groupdub today and I realized




Like, before I didn’t know how AMAZINGLYTALENTEDANDAWESOME they were so I was just like, “Ooh, they sound good! ^^” but now I do know them and I really admire them, and they are absolutely out of my league, so I’m.. spazzing again LOL. -shot to oblivion- Waaah being in this was such a huge honor. ]:



=w= I know, I come back to post here after forever and it’s just me fangirlling over something old LOLL.



I’ll probably start coming back here and making random little posts about trivial things. =w= And not caring about how retarded I sound. It’s not like I have a reputation anyway!! -rolls-

And tbh, that huuuuuge break before between my birthday [in May] and New Years was because.. suddenly at the end of senior year in high school, I got REALLY, REALLY busy. ]: It was a really fun and stressful time in my life. A lot of things happened that I felt like I needed to blog: things like prom, graduating as a valedictorian after struggling through high school, etc etc. And I never found the time to do that ;w; so eventually it turned into me not avoiding blogging because I felt burdened by my need to catch up on my life. Uh. Let’s sum it down so I can finally get that weight off my shoulders. =w=

I went to prom in May. It was okay. I didn’t really dance at all because I’m a boring schmick. I actually bought make-up for the occasion and tried to wear some! I looked like a clown.

I graduated high school at the end of May! I was one of the 7 valedictorians in my class of 800+ seniors! [: I got to sit on the stage. I got a medal. I was the only valedictorian to not make a speech though, because I’m a scaredycat. I don’t regret it.


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