2012 New Years Resolutions

Haha this is the one from last year, here from two years ago, and here from three years ago! ^^ Usually I do a review of last year’s resolutions to see how well I did, but.. ;w; this year, I pass. LOL. It’s already the 5th. ]: Usually I do the review on New Years Eve and then my resolutions on New Years Day. I’ll try my best to do it next year! ^__^

So looking back on 2011…
This was a really good year for me, I think. Started out as a high school senior, and since becoming a senior, I’ve had so much more confidence! I’m definitely a lot cheerier [still a party pooper though =w=], more approachable [still a bitch though =w=], a bit more social [still socially challenged though =w=], slightly more interesting [still boring though =w=], and slightly.. less annoying, I hope? ;w; My relationships with people improved a lot and I actually have friends!! I started working this summer so I’m getting a lot of new experiences and learning to be more responsible. And I started college too although I did go through a huge wave of depression right before college started, and thought about whether I wanted to die. ^^;;;; But really, other than that and other little day-to-day mishaps, I haven’t been very depressed. ^__^ I’m thankful for this year because Gemini came together and I really think of them as my family. <3 They keep me living, smiling, and motivated.
I’m getting better at being true to myself. I don’t let other people control the way I act anymore. [: I’ve always wanted to be and really struggled to be girlier or to be able to pull off cute, and I think I’m improving at that ;w;!! I’m also a bit more talkative, and I’ve been told that I’ve become more mature, so I’m glad. ^^
Overall, I actually think 2011 has to be one of my favorite years of my life so far. ♥

LET’S GO GO, 100 again!! ^^

Gray ones are repeats from last year because it’s still something I’m striving for. :]

1. Don’t worry, be happy! -bursts into song-

2. Always be grateful.

3. Be more conscious of your health!


5. Get out of the house more. xD

6. Exercise? D: Maybe? At least a little?

7. Keep singing. And keep improving. :]

8. Prove that a high voice doesn’t necessarily have to be a weak one!

9. Work on singing ballads.

10. Work on rapping even though you have a high voice. :P

11. Become more versatile!

12. Improve at mixing!

13. Improve at animating/video-editing <– this one LOL I’m always so embarrassed for Gemini that I’m  the video-maker.

14. Learn to count. =_= I accidentally wrote 15.


16. Become a more interesting person.

17. Make people laugh <3

18. Do nice things for people whenever you can~


20. Become girlier~~

21. Dress nicer? xD

22. Make sure that in the summer, Gemini’s [well, G5 since Jeffrey’s all the way over there being an Aussie] Cali trip happens. ♥

23. Keep Gemini active. ^^

24. Never slack off in school.

25. Be cheery, enthusiastic, and bright~

26. Don’t be afraid of attention.

27. Get over your fear of people seeing you or hearing you. :/

28. Less stuttering? D:

29. Don’t let your stuttering stop you from speaking, especially to your friends.

30. Don’t be so afraid of change.

31. Improve your sense of humor. I sound so grave right now LOL

32. Do more solos!

33. Keep uploading videos ^^

34. Try to vlog? lol. I have a vlog channel now!! It’s EvaVlogsTooKinda >w> I’m really lame though.

35. Stop being so lame! LOL jk jk

36. Be polite, respect your elders, etc. :3

37. More mature voice prease ;w;

38. Keep your heart of a child, but be less immature.

39. Annyeonghaseyo, work on dat Korean of yours. Kamsahamnida.

40. Uh.. you might wanna brush up Mandarin too.. since everyone at work speaks Mandarin.

41. o_o I hope I keep working??

42. But don’t overwork yourself.

43. Value yourself. You’re precious too, Eva. I know it.

44. .. Is it possible for me to still be sarcastic but be less scary? xDDD

45. Become a more likable person.

46. Chill out.

47. You’re an airhead, Eva. Can you not do that? LOL

48. Keep playing League with Ryan and Jay and Daniel and other people >w<!

49. Practice dancing as exercise. ;w;

50. I just started using twitter today. I’ll try to keep using it? xD



53. Lose belly fat.

54. Buy more things for other people ^^

55. Wear the SNSD socks I bought LOLOL (_ _);;

56. Get rid of your image as an intimidating person that never likes anyone near her D;

57. Heal throat!

58. Drink more tea!

59. Improve at harmonies ’cause I actually got worse. =w=

60. Stop letting your time waste away, like you have been for your entire life thus far :/

61. Continue your habit of doodling Korean all of your papers when you’re bored. Lol.

62. Take more pictures of my myself HAHA Well I realized that I won’t look the same forever, so might as well~

63. Please learn to cook or you will really starve. ;w;

64. MUST BECOME MORE WELL-KNOWN ON YOUTUBE and receive more comments! >O<

65. Become less awkward….. ;w; …….. e-ehehehehehehe this one…

66. Don’t care about what other people think about you.

67. Be yourself. Always.

68. This one is stupid, but.. get a haircut. Really. Fix that hair of yours. It sucks. I expect you to get a decent haircut this year FOR ONCE IN YOUR STUPID LIFETIME.

69. Oh and can you stop cussing so fucking often too? LOL -shot to oblivion-

70. …. ]: On my previous resolutions, I wrote that I need to force milk down my friends’ throats so that they’d grow…. but I don’t think they’re going to grow anymore. And thus, I’m changing this to: I NEED TO BUY MORE FLATS.

71. Continue being a vain-ass bitch that has to tell everyone she meets that she was valedictorian in high school. OwOb

72. I just have to get A’s and B’s in classes in college. :/ I don’t want to go down the road I went down in high school again lolol. B’s are OKAY, EVA. Drill that into your head, please, or you’re going to kill yourself ;_;

73. Smile more. :] I look scary when I’m not smiling.

74. Laugh more! :D

75. Stop being so negatively overly-conscious about your appearance.

76. Become witty ; ~ ;

77. “Make it so that whenever the name “Eva” is mentioned, the response is “Oh, you mean waterpixie waterpixieva, the awesome singer on Youtube?” HAHAHA. Might take years.”
Lol I’ve been adding this one the past two years too.

78. If that “Perfection” collab doesn’t come out in 2012, I’m going to be sad.. ;_;

79. Make more friends >w<

80. …….. actually, I just need to make AT LEAST A friend in college. ;w; -has none-

81. I need a social life.

82. Hi there. Hey. It’s me, your Sing Your Dreams blog. Can you not neglect me please? Thanks.

83. More ice cream!!

84. Be less hesitant.

85. Can’t let anyone look down on you or pick on you!


87. Become more artistic~

88. Try to treat EVERYONE well and the same :/

89. Learn to belt O_O

90. I want nicer handwriting?

91. Be supportive of friends. ^__^

92. More webcamming and calls ;w;

[‘Cause I’m the CHOSEN ONE!! xD Y’know y’knoww?]

94. Be the responsible one, no matter what the situation.


96. Stop regretting things.

97. View life with a light heart. ^^

98. Keep supporting Super Junior-M. ♥ Especially Henry Lau. -totally not biased at all-

99. Drop out of school and become a POKEMON MASTER! ^__^ And that is absolutely possible because I am over 10 years old, and capable of going on a journey by myself in a world filled with monsters that could attack me with their powers, and probably kidnappers and molesters too…….
LOL Another one from last year. Idk whether to be envious or embarrassed of my sense of humor from then. :D
Oh lawdy..

100. Dominate the world…! BWUAHAHAHAHA

O-oh. ;w; Hm. I think I usually end this with a selca of myself. Do I even have any recent selca..?

Uhh.. ;w; random glasses-less selca from when I went to a wedding!


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  1. Love the resolutions Eva-lobve!! :) I must work on many of those for myself! Good luck :D beautiful picture btw! :))

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