Yeah, it’s that day again LOL

18! :DDDDDD I’m now legal! WOOOO JAIL!!

And yush, I like consistency so I like traditions. =w= And ever since 2008 [when I turned 15..] I’ve had the tradition of wearing my green “Birthday Girl” shirt and a white dress shirt over it. Then taking a picture of myself in a mirror and blogging it here. =w= lol and it continues on~

Usually I do it in the mirror in my parents’ bathroom ;w; but we moved.. so I shall do it in my room’s full-length mirror from now on! LOL idk I’m just dorky. >w>

The past years…..

Even though I’m still sooooo awkward, I’m glad I improved at least a little.. ;w;

…. TT______________TT

IT’S OKAY. I was young back then! I didn’t know what I was doing!! what I’m telling myself as comfort. >_>

And ;______; sorry I’ve been posting a lot of selca lately [although today is because of a tradition :D] but I’m trying to get used to it.. ;w; More confidence more confidence~


Okay we’re moving on now. :]

SO! Remember DUBattle Royale? Well this is what I wrote about it before *w*

DUBattle Royale!! ^^ The competition in the H!P dubbing community, modeled after YT Chorus Battle?

Kekeke I’m very happy I entered as a team with my Gemini family <3 they are seriously the 5 people that I talk to the most. My best friend Chiisana [unfortunately the only one I know in real life ;w;], my partner-in-crime registered-on-facebook-as-sister Mimi, the troll and my bitching partner Jeffrey, my fellow Infinite fan Ryan, and our precious saint Jay. :3 I talk to them more than my friends IRL. =___=

Well round 2 just ended. ^^ Our entry! <3
[My video description is SUUUUUUUPER long lol….]

Our entry for the 2nd round of DUBattle Royale! The theme this time is Tag-Team Trials, and we were lucky enough to be paired with Kamishiyu, who I’ve really enjoyed working and chatting [dear lord, the amount of inside jokes we have ♥] with for this past month. ^^

Since the charms of both Kamishiyu and Gemini are that we’re co-ed, we decided to do a medley [starting at 2:38] of 5 guy-girl duets and even went through the process of a blending test+voting to decide who sounded good together. LOL. We be coo’ like that. [Like Rock-kun. And Jay’s flying unicorn.]

Please support us [and other groups of course] by voting! ^^…
Voting closes May 9th, 2011!
[Just a reminder that everybody has to vote for 3 different groups ^^ Or else it doesn’t count, and you might get groups in trouble if you put them for all 3 slots. D; Thanksss!] 

Miken –
Shiaru –
Yuki –
Kalen – too special for a youtube account

Ryan –
Jay –
Chiisana –
Jeffrey –
Eva –
Mimi –

Mixing: Mimi, Eva [w/ mastering help from Chii]
Main Video: Shiaru
Medley Video: Eva
Graphics: Mimi, Eva, Chiisana
Writing: Kalen, Chiisana, Mimi
Harmonies/Vocalizations: Chiisana, Ryan, Mimi
Ending signatures: Shiaru, Eva

Scripted Lyrics:
Picture of the Kamini Rock Family by the lovely Chii:
Hatsune Miku – Romeo and Cinderella [music&lyrics by Doriko]
[JeffreyEva] Song Ji Eun ft. Bang Yong Guk – Going Crazy
[JayYuki] Kaito – Cantarella (Arranged)
[KalenMiken&ShiaruChiisana] Rapbit/Kagamine Rin – When They Cry x Meltdown -Roshin Mix-
[RyanMimi] BEAST – Soom (Breath)

Just a HUGE thanks to Mimi who was crazy enough with me to practically dedicate her life to this. I know I for one thought, spoke of, and breathed nothing but R&C this past month. [I had a dream I was making a video.] =w=b Thanks bb~ yoo da best~ :] You’ve worked hard.

I literally spent my entire month doing this. ;_______; And last week was spring break. I literally woke up, started working on mixing or video-editing, and did that until I went to bed at like 3-4 AM. I didn’t have any personal free time until the deadline on Saturday. xD Then I pulled an all-nighter to write my AP Lit essay because I had soooo much hw >< I pretty much died then lol. So I’m pretty tired right now.. xD First day back to school after spring break..


My eyes have been really dry lately ;_; But suddenly it got so much worse two days ago.  I cried like ten times yesterday LOLLL. It turned midnight and everyone started wishing me happy birthday and it was like YEY! CELEBRATION! and I was sitting here bawling my eyes out because my eyes hurt so much LOLL.

It wasn’t AS bad today at school [still very irritating] but during my last period, I started crying while taking a test. LOL! I can’t control it. ;w; It’s just painful and then the tears start flowing… I felt bad though ’cause it was quiet and of course, commence the endless sniffling…… ;_; And then when I started crying, I joined the sniff-fest. Sigh.


3 Responses

  1. Ah, sorry I missed your b-day D:
    Happy belated birthday~ <3

    lol you could buy alchohol in Finland now -smack- :D

  2. Oi, time to post something already >8V -smack-

  3. eva…i miss you blogging here ;~;

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