Maji deeee?

So I was in a Maji Desu Ka Suka groupdub. *_____* I was Sayashi Riho~

Takahashi Ai -Tonkhai || ShikamaCHU
Niigaki Risa – Cheila || AlieOngaku
Michishige Sayumi – K || chibikonkon
Tanaka Reina – Zoey || XoZoeymonxx
Mitsui Aika – Lizz || Nucl3arW3ss3l
Fukumura Mizuki – Katie || seahorsegurl
Ikuta Erina – Nina || AnimeXLover28Kat
Sayashi Riho – Eva || waterpixieva
Suzuki Kanon – Arii || purehearto

Honestly I didn’t expect it to be this good. :D Truthfully, most H!P groupdubs usually aren’t of the best quality..? So I had low’ish expectations but this turned out pretty awesome. O: Everyone was so good that I ended up being one of the weaker links. :3

I was also REALLY shocked to find out that Tonkhai/ShikamaCHU is in this. O_O WOWWWW. I’m in a groupdub with her… JUST WOWWWW. LOL. I’m a fan of hers. ^^ She’s just an amazing singer and I’m REALLY in love with her “Sobakasu” [RUROUNI KENSHIN <33] fandub. :D -admire-


>:D My best friend Chiisana [ChiisanaChanx3] uploaded a new video FINALLY after 7 months, and it is amajjinnnngggggg. ♥

And speaking of Chiisana, we hung out yesterday! ^^ We went to this Korean plaza and had Korean food. <3 I FINALLY GOT TO TRY JJAJANGMYUN. IT WAS SO GOOD. *___________* And we ate sushi and patbingsu~

What was funny is that when we walked into this one shop, C.N. Blue’s “I’m a Loner” was playing. LMAO.
See, Chii and I did a duet of that song and the video’s at 35,229 views and still going. <3 So it’s like our song. OF COURSE we sang along. :]


One Response

  1. I actually thought you were one of the best in that Maji Desu ka Ska! dub. O.O
    and thank you for the compliment! >_< But if you like that, you'd definitely /love/ IroKokoroProject's stuff. xD;

    ~Yuri // Fuonyuri // mixer of that dub. xD

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