Go go Power Rangers~

^^ Today was the senior panorama where all the seniors went to the gym and took a huge picture together. It’s like a tradition for groups of friends to make matching shirts or something to stand out. xD Most people wear letters and spell out something.

At the last minute, me and my friends decided to be Power Rangers~
Kojiru came over and we [since we’re the only two that actually care ^^;;] spent 7 hours making 7 shirts… D: It was really hard work. Absolutely painful for our backs… ;____; SEVEN HOURS. NONSTOP. Well except for dinner.

They’re not.. the most BEAUTIFUL shirts but I AM STILL PROUD.
Everyone called me crazy for only wearing a t-shirt today when it was so cold and I somehow didn’t really feel that cold because I was so happy to be wearing this shirt. xD All the other Power Rangers took off their shirts or wore jackets after the picture..

;w; I only got 1 group picture, sadly.. but I’m glad I even got one! Knowing us, if I hadn’t just kinda forced it, we wouldn’t have even gotten any pictures.
But we didn’t even get into any kind of epic formation. ;w; uyuuu….

But yeah!!

I was the pink Power Ranger! >:D

OH HO HO. I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF. Just two years ago I couldn’t even wear pink and I owned no pink. And now I can even be the pink Power Ranger! >:DDD Well it just kinda ended up that way. I wanted to be the light blue one but then it’s from a different season, so.. ^^;

tehehehe. It was fun!

And this is with my cut hair. :3 The picture from my last post was from before.


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