2011 New Years Resolutions

Doing 100 again just like last year and the year before. x]
I can’t believe I’m doing this though lol. It’s all just for fun though of course. ;3

Reflecting on 2010… I feel like I changed a lot, in the good way. :] I’m a senior now so I never feel like I have to scared of anyone, and I’ve had sooooo much more confidence now! I’ve been acting a lot cheerier and energetic and I LOVE IT. ^^ My relationships with people have improved too. But I was depressed a lot because I’m a senior and … college… thinking about careers and the future…….. D: I’m pathetic and I get depressed whenever I think about college or the future. I’ve cried a lot because of this. But I’ve been doing my best in everything and I feel a lot better about myself. All in all, things have changed for the better. ^^

1. Don’t worry, be happy! -bursts into song-

2. Always be grateful.

3. Be more conscious of your health! ;_; You’re always getting sick. Even when you were typing this very resolution, you were sick. Please don’t be sick so much anymore. ♥


5. Get out of the house more. xD

6. Exercise? D: Maybe? At least a little?

7. Keep singing. And keep improving. :]

8. Prove that a high voice doesn’t necessarily have to be a weak one!

9. Work on singing ballads.

10. Work on rapping even though you have a high voice. :P

11. Keep blogging on Sing Your Dreams! I’ve neglected this place for too long this year. xD

12. Keep updating Candy for the Ears… multiple times a day LOL like you’ve been doing. xD ‘Cause you have no life and watch things all day.

13. Keep blogging on xanga everyday like you have been for the past… 5? 6? years? ohmygod.

14. Become a more interesting person! 8D


16. Drink lots of water! :D And apple juice.

17. Do your best in school as always… I don’t have senioritis now so you better not get it later on. xD

18. Valedictorian? Just maybe? It’s okay if you’re not..

19. By the time you do your resolutions review of this, you’ve in college…. I hope you’re doing well. >:D FIGHTINGGG! Survive! That’s all I’m asking from you! xD

20. Be cheery, enthusiastic, and bright~

21. Don’t be afraid of attention.

22. Get over your fear of people seeing you or hearing you. :/

23. Less stuttering? D:

24. Don’t be so afraid of change.

25. Improve your sense of humor. I sound so grave right now LOL

26. Strengthen your relationships with your friends. :3 Stay in touch with everyone.

27. Don’t let people misjudge you anymore.

28. Get better at mixing! ^^

29. Lots of youtube uploads~~

30. Be polite, respect your elders, etc. :3

31. Stop getting so many headaches! I have such a headache right now. xD

32. :/ At least try getting more familiar with make-up..? ‘Cause right now you are a failure as a girl.

33. Become more girly O:

34. Make your voice more mature. xD

35. Keep your heart of a child, but be less immature.

36. Keep sleeping with your hair braided so it’s not that straight all the time. ^^ Keke.

37. Learn basic Korean? O:

38. … please don’t forget about that Japanese workbook you own. On that shelf. Right there.

39. Learn more phrases in Mandarin.


41. Play more “Draw My Thing” with your crew~

42. Have a lot more collabs!

43. Stop crying so much! JEEZ. D:< <3

44. Chill out dude~

45. Stop stressing out so easily.. >_<

46. Learn to dance dammit xD

47. Vlog..?


49. Be less intimidated by social networks like facebook LOL
Dude I have such a fear of posting anything ’cause I don’t wanna look like a loser that nobody cares about or replies to.

50. Wear scarves more often. WOOOO HALFWAY 8DDDD


52. Become a more likable person.

53. .. Wake up with a smile? xD Not a chance that I’m gonna remember.

54. Heal throat!

55. Drink more tea!

56. Stop being so cheap and stingy, but still spend wisely.. xD


58. Get rid of your image as an intimidating person that never likes anyone near her D;

59. Stop being so lame. Kekekeke. Yeah right. :D<3

60. Stop letting your time waste away, like you have been for your entire life thus far :/

61. Continue your habit of doodling Korean all of your papers when you’re bored. Lol.

62. Take more pictures of my myself HAHA Well I realized that I won’t look the same forever, so might as well~
This was my #38 from last year. xD

63. More pictures with/of other people
This was my #39 from last year. xD

64. MUST BECOME MORE WELL-KNOWN ON YOUTUBE and receive more comments! >O<
.. This was my #40 from last year. >_>

65. Be less shy.
.. Tis was my #41 from last year.

66. Be waaaaaaaaaay less self-conscious >__O
…. Twas my #42 from last year. I’ll stop now. xD

67. Stop being so easily irritated. xD

68. ;w; Un-annoyify your speaking voice because it’s very annoying..


70. Learn to cook!!

71. D: I kinda wanna try voice acting.

72. Please try to improve at drawing? lol. ‘Cause this year, I got worse.

73. I want my friends to acknowledge me as someone who seriously sings :3 But that’s not happening since I’m not even good at it and I can’t sing ((well)) in front of people anyway.. xD
……. Twas my #68 from last year. ^^;

74. Improve even more on harmonies.. O:

75. Continue my keychain collection ^____^

76. Stop being so darn awkward!

77. “Make it so that whenever the name “Eva” is mentioned, the response is “Oh, you mean waterpixie waterpixieva, the awesome singer on Youtube?” HAHAHA. Might take years.”
Lol I’ve been adding this one the past two years too.

78. Wear glasses less often 8D~

79. FLATTEN MY GROSS HUGE TUMMY :[[[[[[[[[ I am seriously a stick, but because I eat often, my stomach is huge T.T It’s the only place I gain weight….
Another one from last year ’cause I still have the same problem. D;

80. Be better to your parents xD Don’t piss them off. Plz.

81. I will allow you to continue being such a dork >ㅅ<

82. Watch more movies! O: This year I really wanted to watch Toy Story 3.. and Shrek 4.. and Tangled….. Never got to. Didn’t get the chance. :/ Nobody to watch them with. -lame-

83. Force milk down my friends’ throats so they can maybe grow some more, so I won’t stand out so much because of my height! T.T
I stole that from my resolutions from two years ago. xD

84. Improve your fashion sense!

85. Stop going to Dictionary.com so often out of insecurity xDDDDDD;;;;; Another one from last year.

86. Completely and utterly defeat certain rivals from youtube >:DDD

87. WonderBang stage collab as an encore for the Lollipop collab! >8D

88. Keep making polymer clay charms~

89. Road triiiiip with friends after senior year ends!!!

90. Practice piano and violin..? D: At least a little?

91. Can’t let anyone look down on you or pick on you!


[‘Cause I’m the CHOSEN ONE!! xD Y’know y’knoww?]
My #92 from last year. xD

94. Develop leaderships skillzz?

95. View life with a light heart!

96. Eat more ice cream. <3 Ice cream is love.

97. Buy shoes. xD I barely own any.

98. Keep supporting Super Junior-M. ♥ Especially Henry Lau. -totally not biased at all-

99. Drop out of school and become a POKEMON MASTER! ^__^ And that is absolutely possible because I am over 10 years old, and capable of going on a journey by myself in a world filled with monsters that could attack me with their powers, and probably kidnappers and molesters too…….
LOL Another one from last year. Idk whether to be envious or embarrassed of my sense of humor from then. :D

100. Dominate the world…! BWUAHAHAHAHA


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