Hoot hoot hoot~

[Cover] SNSD (소녀시대) – Hoot (훗)

Just because it’s SNSD. :P 

I actually started this back when the audio was released and the MV wasn’t even out yet, and I wanted to get it out ASAP but ehhhhhh… But anyway I finally got it done! :D Perfect timing too. I’m supposed to finish [COUGH START COUGH] my dreaded.. college applications.. this weekend.
I know, the ad libs are weaksauce. ;_;

Thank you sooooo much ChiisanaChanx3, who pointed out that 훗 looks like a man with a hat [reminds me of Sungkyunkwan Scandal lol], for doing the video for me~ *__*

Uploaded last night.


;_; I just finished my applications for the California State Universities……..
In the process, I cried about 4 to 5 times.

>< It’s really hard for me to think about college or careers or the future without feeling depressed. Once, someone came into my econ class to talk about careers and stuff, and I fought my tears so much. D: I don’t think it’s normal. [but then, when was I ever normal? :P]

I thinkkk I can see why now I like to “waste my time” and just kinda enjoy myself, for example by my favorite hobby of singing and doing covers. If not, I think I’d go completely crazy xDD;;

Meh. ;w; I still have yet to start the UC apps and the dreaded essays [IONO WHAT TO WRITE BECAUSE I HAVE NO DREAMS OR ASPIRATIONS WHATSOEVER TT_______TT] that’re required for those, and those are the big ones >_< All I’ve finished are the easy ones.


Oh yeah so the other day when my group was performing our scenes from the Greek play Oedipus Rex, we were at the part where I–Jocasta–hang myself, and then “Oedipus” takes me off the noose and I fall to the ground since I’m.. dead.
Yeah so I fell and I hit my head on the ground REAAAALLLYYYY HARDD ;__; lol it was so sad.
Me laying there emotionless after was half acting, half real. xD It really hurt.

It was really, really fun though. :] I’m proud of myself for not getting stage fright and even ENJOYING having the spotlight for a moment. I’m usually extremely self conscious.


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