Star Auditionn

Ehh, nothing worth blogging, really. xDD

Tomorrow in my AP Literature class, my group is going to perform two scenes from the Greek play, Oedipus Rex. I’m scared because I get stage fright like CRAAZZAAAYY [if you watched my Halloween vlog, you saw how fast my face goes red ;w; and it was only in front of the webcam too…] but at the same time, it sounds kinda fun? xD Idk. We did a rehearsal at someone’s house and it was fun. And we’re all going to wear togas. ^^

But anyway, I get to be Jocasta! :D Oedipus’ wife and mother.
And so when I find out that Oedipus–my husband–is actually my son, I GET TO KILL MYSELF! :DDDDDD
As in, we actually have a freaking ROPE and I hang myself! By having the loop over my head and then holding the end of the rope high up. xD Statue of liberty~
And then and then and then, Oedipus finds me and is like “NOOOOO” and he gets me off the rope and then I lie there on the ground.. for the rest of the performance. .____.

IT’S VERY COMFY LOL. I’m pretty happy with my role.
It’s just that all eyes will be on me and D: D: D: D: D: D:


On a.. not as weird.. note, the other day I was on the youtube homepage and under the Spotlight part, I found MBC’s Star Audition O__O

It’s sooooo tempting… xD And thus, ChiisanaChanx3 and I are thiiiinking about maaaaaaybe trying it? ;3
It depends on whether we have time to get together and film something D:
I’m so busy these days because I have so many projects and OMG I HAVE YET TO START MY COLLEGE APPLICATIONS. -hyperventilates- AND THE DEADLINE IS IN 21 DAYS. OR ELSE I DON’T GO TO COLLEGE. -hyperventilates more- AND I ACTUALLY DON’T WANNA GO ‘CAUSE I’M SCARED AND I DON’T WANNA DO THE APPS EITHER TT_______TT

Dunno what song we’re thinking of doing as a duet yet, but I have some ideas~

And now I shall leave and attempt to do my homework so tonight between 9:50 and 11:05, I can watch “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” on KBS World. :]]]]]]]


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