Sorry, you better Run Devil Run

I’m been soooooo unmotivated to blog xDD;; I’ve been uploading videos to youtube more often than blogging O: which is weird~ :P

[Cover] f(x) (에프엑스) – Sorry (Dear Daddy) {NU 예삐오} – Eng Sub

:D I sang this for Mimi (x3LoveyDovey) in return for my request for her to sing “You Doll,” SNSD Sunny’s solo for the Oh! My Lady, Siwon’s drama, OST. ;DD [Ohp, lookie, it’s written down in public so you HAVE to do it now!]

This is such a lovely song–I had wanted to cover it earlier but after I sing something, I usually get sick of it after :/ And this is too beautiful and meaningful.. I hope this cover doesn’t ruin the song for me. ^^;;

Sorry it’s a short coverrrrrr. And I don’t feel like I hit the right emotions in this song, so sorry. D: And sorry that my Korean isn’t near perfect ’cause I don’t speak it. xD Soorryyy~ So sorryyyy~

Oh yeah and I made the instrumental by manually putting all the beats in, reusing the ones in the beginning of the song.

[Cover] SNSD (소녀시대) – Run Devil Run (런데빌런)

:P This cover is looong overdue~

Short cover b/c I’m.. lazy. And I’ve sang this song way too many times xDD;;
Also I was way too lazy to record “YOU BETTER RUNNN RUNNN RUNNN” over and over so Mimi [], ma partner in crime seoulsistah~, came in for reinforcement for the choruses *____* :D

and ps;; I used my lines from several collab covers, so just in case, no it’s not deja vu. ;D

I don’t really have much to say~ xD These days I just sit in my room all day long and record record record lol.♥


3 Responses

  1. lol I’m too lazy to log in on youtube, so I’ll just comment here~ :3 You did rea~lly good on “Run Devil Run” are awesome ! >< Kiki's so proud of you~ ^^ And I hear improvement Evava ! Good job~~:p

    I command you to cover the whole song ! D<

  2. wth the comment went all weird DD:
    it should’ve been “your high notes at 1:12 —> are awesome !” Damn.

  3. Gosh, you have one of the most unique voices in the world! :D Both are such pwn-awesome dubs~ :D

    I love you, Ebah-hime~! <3

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