Listen!! .. again.

;___; IT WAS TAKEN DOWNNNN </sadness>

[Fandub] K-On!! Ed2 – Listen!!

I had uploaded this with the actual video 5 days ago but it was taken down, so.. yay. Simply pictures. Ever so exciting. =___=;;; -sulks and cries river- [No fair ! I see other ones still safe and up!!]
Please please please recomment if you had commented on the old one~ ;_; -twiddles fingers- Eva would really appreciate it. Thank youu!

:P I felt obliged to do an anime song after Kiki [Bubblefishx3] said that I “should really sometimes fandub some anime songs.” I was considering it anyway since I already did Don’t Say “Lazy.” Season 2 isn’t nearly as popular as season 1, huh? Yeah.. I honestly don’t expect anyone to watch this. xDD;;

Omg this was hard. The song ran me over with a tractor. My range totally sucks! xD Oh well. Honestly I prefer Don’t Say “Lazy” over Listen!!, both dub-wise and song-wise.

PS;; I didn’t realize there was so much Engrish in the song until I looked the lyrics.


Really random but yeah okay so xD last night for some reason I couldn’t fall asleep and I was super bored so I tried to listen to music to help. I used to listen to [cough Disney Princess] lullabies every night but I fell out of that habit after my orchestra trip to Disneyland last April. D;

But instead of lifting me off to dreamland, it made me even more awake xDDDD ‘Cause instead of it being like soothing background music, I was totally concentrated and focused and it made me have even more thoughts. T.T I was analyzing everything in my head..
[I get REALLY talkative in my head xD]

Oh!! This one is Yesung’s It Has To Be You from the Cinderella’s Sister OST! ^^ Ehehehe it’s so pretty and who says all idols can’t sing! Woah his voice is very raspy O: It’s perfect for the song. I wonder if there are any places where he uses his super nice vibrato? -listens hard through the whole song for those places- Come to think of it, I still need to finish this drama. Come to think of it, Yesung’s fanboyism for Moon Geun Young is cute. Too bad when they called her on Sukira, her manager picked up the phone and she was busy filming. I wonder what would’ve happened if she did pick up -PROCEEDS TO IMAGINE THE WHOLE CONVERSATION INSTEAD OF TRYING TO SLEEP!-

Oh!! It’s Dear Daddy by f(x)! Mimi just requested for me to sing this today! I better listen carefully and become more familiar with it! Hm, Mimi said that the notes were too low and too high so let’s see. Wow these notes are pretty low. I wonder if I can reach them. O_O Hm the chorus, I wonder if I can do that? And now that I think about it, Luna’s English isn’t too bad!

Oh!! I think I know what this song is!! Yeah I’m right! It’s Siwon’s solo for his drama Oh! My Lady’s OST! Aww it reminds me of all the sad scenes of the drama ;__; Come to think of it, I still need to finish that. He’s underrated as a singer O: -proceeds to analyze his singing- It’s really stable and he has a rich voice.. Oh oh! His vibrato on that note was really nice!”

So I didn’t fall asleep for a while. -______-;;;;;;; After an hour of that, I switched to listening to instrumentals so that I couldn’t focus on the singing/lyrics anymore.  But I think I sang along to the songs in my head..


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