Listen!! to Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai and No Other~

New video from me~

[Fandub] K-On!! Ed2 – Listen!!

:P I felt obliged to do an anime song after Kiki [Bubblefishx3] said that I “should really sometimes fandub some anime songs.” I was considering it anyway since I already did Don’t Say “Lazy.” Season 2 isn’t nearly as popular as season 1, huh? Yeah.. I honestly don’t expect anyone to watch this. xDD;;

Omg this was hard. The song ran me over with a tractor. My range totally sucks! xD Oh well. Honestly I prefer Don’t Say “Lazy” over Listen!!, both dub-wise and song-wise.

PS;; I didn’t realize there was so much Engrish in the song until I looked the lyrics.

And the groupdub that me and my awesome awesome friends Mimi, Ryan, and Jay have been working on for the past 4 days while staying up way too late every night chatting on MSN Messenger xDDDDDD;; <3 <3 Omg I can’t believe we did this song honestly lol. But it was so unbelievably fun!

Berryz Koubou (工房) Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai – Co-ed Collaboration/Groupdub

Mimi (x3LoveyDovey)
Eva (waterpixieva)
Ryan (RyanEatPho)
Jay (jExtremist)

Something quick the four of us had the random idea of doing while up until 5 AM everyday chatting on MSN together. :] It’s essentially a fun-dub. At certain points, we brought out our diva sides. xD Enjoy!

Audio Mixers: Ryan and Mimi
Song Originally By: Berryz Koubou (Berryz工房)

And just to pimp Super Junior because OMG THIS PERFORMANCE HAD ME SCREAMING INCOHERENTLY AND CLAPPING AND SPAZZING LIKE NO OTHER PERFORMANCE LOLLLL It’s peeerfect! It was the beeest!♥ Amazing song, amazing singing, amazing rapping, amazing beautiful smiles and positive energy and just aahhhh ♥♥

100702 Super Junior “No Other” @ Music Bank


So yeah. D: Yeeeeesterday was Wonder Girls’ concert in San Francisco !! >______< Well they had another in June but I wasn’t aware of that in time. But yeeaaahhhh :[ :[ T____T ;w; I asked my aunt–although I’m not close w/ her at all but last time when WG were the opening act for Jonas Brothers, she was like “Oh tell me next time there’s a concert! I’ll take you!”–and FINALLY YESTERDAY on the day of the concert, she gives me a reply email and says she can’t and goes, “Maybe Justin Bieber’s concert next time?”

;_____; And really no offense to Justin Bieber but neither he or his music are personally my taste.. Actually, I’m not into any kind of American music at all at the moment, which is fail… But yeah. ;w; WG aren’t replacable… And I missed my one chance to see them T.T -cries river-

And to make it worse, I just found this like ten minutes ago xD



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