Love Does Not Wait

[Cover] Orange Caramel – Love Does Not Wait 사랑을 미룰 순 없나요 (Eng Sub)

Was gonna do a short cover, but decided to just cheat by using the same recording for all the choruses and record the rest to make a full cover. :P

Raina’s solo from Orange Caramel’s (a sub-unit of After School) first mini-album.

I’m going to be covering Magic Girl (마법소녀), the title track, in Byul [] with x3LoveyDovey and pogvnjkx soon, so look out for that! Byul is actually looking for our final member right now so please audition! :D
/shameless plugging.

Ehe.. I kinda did this one for the sake of anyone who was sick of my rapping. :/ But it’s okay since I was considering covering this anyway..

Translations by kimchi hana @ soompi


One of the things that arrived for me in the mail last week! O: Adorable design.

I’m so cool :Db

o(‘ㅂ’o) o(‘ㅅ’)o (o’ㅠ’)o


One Response

  1. Youtube won’t let me comment :[
    So I copied it.

    “I like this cover~~It sounds very nice :)
    But one thing, I think that you should work a little bit more on your high notes. Whenever you sing your really really really high notes to me it doesn’t really sound that right. I enjoy your singing don’t get me wrong! Seriously you’ve improved ALOT from last year. Like I just watched your “Don’t say Lazy” dub and you definitely improved alot ;) ”

    Sorry if you don’t like suggestions/critism. I just like suggesting people. >.<

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