;_; Although I do claim that I don’t care too much about subscriber count, I do keep close track of my amount because it shows how many people are really interested in me and my videos… ;__; I know other people have waaaaay more than I do, to the point where a few subscribers don’t make a significant difference, but for me, I’m like,
“-checks- OO:! YES! It went from 234 to 235!! ^_____^ :D :D :D”

T.T Today, it went from 235 to 234. It’s like a mild stab to my self esteem.

TT___TT But I’ll improve, definitely……………..

Although honestly I’ve noticed that there’s something very unappealing about my youtube channel. :P Others are often popular because they do certain things and attract certain audiences. A lot of people like youtubers with one certain concept because if they like it, they’ll always get that. D: But I think I tend to do more of a variety of things…… Well, not lately so much, but still my channel in general is slightly more diverse than many others I’ve seen. D: K-Pop, Hello! Project, anime, ballads like Because I’m a Girl, rapping…

Oh well. xP I often  forget that making videos and singing and all of this stuff is for ME and because I like doing it. Must remember that~~ x] ♥

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