Because I’m a Girl; Catching up

[Cover] Because I’m a Girl – Jap, Kor, Mando, Canto, Eng, French

Is writing raps into ballads, like, my new signature now? xDDD;;

I originally recorded a 5-language version of this for my solo for Totally Up! Project [twilightlegendhp] last July but frankly I can do better than that, so I rerecorded it x] over a span of 3 months…..

I’m only fluent in English and Cantonese, and even still, I suck at Canto. =___= I did my best. The Chinese languages were especially hard because of the tones. I also decided to add in French because I’m taking French at school and wanted a new challenge.

Some of the rap was part of the original English version, some of it was inspired by the song lyrics, and the rest I wrote myself. ^^ I know, I TOTALLY abused rhyming! xDDDDDD Shh~ I really like the line “My sullen eyes are so swollen from my cries.”

Song: Because I’m a Girl (여자이니까)
Originally by: Kiss (키스)
Languages: Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, English, French

PS;; Yt killed the quality. D’x

I really love and appreciate feedback! ^^<3


TT_________TT I KNOW, I HAVEN’T BLOGGED IN SO SO SO SO SO SO SO LONG </3 I’ve been wanting to blog every single day for the past 2 weeks -______-;;;;;;;

Last Monday, May 31, I went to Fanime Con! I went with Kojiru and I didn’t wear my Amulet Spade cosplay; we both just wore dress shirts, plaid skirts, and thigh-high stockings. And yet TWICE, men came up to us and asked if they could take pictures. O__O LOLOL So interesting and creepy and cool at the same time!! One even made us do a specific pose.

And we took purikura x] Omg every single time I’ve done purikura has been with this girl and I don’t know why! xDD;;


And I bought a print of this reaaaaaaaaally gorgeous K-ON! fanart which Kojiru later showed me on deviantART x]

Soundscape by cartoongirl7


Just the new polymer clay thing I made a few days ago. A keychain for my friend who’s a super talented artist on deviantART. ^^ Stars are hard >w<


;_; School ended yesterday. Next year, I’ll be a senior…..

Since it’s summer now and there’s no more freaking projects that made me stay up til 4 AM for, hopefully I’ll be updating more often x]


2 Responses

  1. I really like your cover~~Especially how you sang it in 6 languages! xD Your korean pronunciation was pretty well~ You sounded pretty fluent also! Keep Improving~~~~ :D

    • ^____^ Thank you soo much! <3 Would you mind leaving a comment on the actual video? :3 I like to see all of my feedback in one place. I'd appreciate it a lot!

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