[Cover] NU ABO 누 예삐오 – f(x)

Song: NU ABO [누 예삐오]
Original artist: f(x) [에프엑스]

:P Sorry that my range is incomparable to Luna’s, so this is the best that I can give you for now. Also I am not/can’t speak Korean so sorry if anything is significantly iffy.

And as for the instrumental–I tried my best and this is the best one I could make, but there’s a lot of backtrack.

Thank you for watching and I’d really appreciate some feedback! ^^

*Haha wow, my video descriptions are always so long but this time I seriously didn’t know what to write at all~ xDD;;

*________* Wow I’m seriously surprised and grateful… 700 views overnight. To me, that’s a great achievement x]


The aftereffects of first AP exam:
Headache. Shivering. Dizziness. Depression. Disappointment in oneself. Inexlicable sadness. Anxiety. Brain deadness. Wanting to scream. Wanting to curl up into a ball. Craving for chocolate. Forgetting things right after they happen….


Dude, we had a free period in math analysis, so I fell asleep. DDDDDDDDDDDD’x And woke up finding drool and a creepy, deep indent on my face because I fell asleep on my glasses. When I got home from school, I splurged on freshly baked mint cocoa chip cookies and mint chocolate chip ice cream >w< more AP exam to go.. English.. MEANING WRITING 3 ESSAYS, AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! -ominous thunder and lightning in the background-


[Girl, you really must start uploading -________-;;;;;;;; It’s been how many months?! EIGHT!! Afraid of uploading, you say? =.= You have more reason to be afraid of ME! mwuahahaha.]

The cute picture that Chiisana drew that was in her room :P
“Sigh..”  “eh?”  “Kyee!”
Fits us so well..


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