Dear Mom & Dear Daddy

I was gonna blog about the last track off f(x)’s new NU ABO mini-album, “Sorry (Dear Daddy)” and then mention that it was sweet that while f(x) had “Dear Daddy,” SNSD has an equally beautiful ballad called “Dear Mom” and embed that too. Then I remembered that today is Mother’s Day. :P

Don’t things work out great?!

But yes, they are both INCREDIBLY beautiful, endearing songs, sung by amazing talented girls with lovely voices, that also have beautiful lyrics. <3

SNSD – Dear Mom

f(x) – Sorry (Dear Daddy)



My review of f(x)’s NU ABO mini-album.

Haha yup–shoot me–I’m gonna start having a THIRD blog xD My private/protected one (xanga) is for my everyday school life. THIS one, my public blog, is for my online life and online friends and sometimes personal life and singing and just stuff I like. :]
But this third one, “Candy for the Ears” is like an anonymous-ish one xDDDDD Just k-pop and Asian entertainment and dramas and all.. Whatever I watch or listen to. :P Because I’ve always wished that there was a site where I could go to when really bored, and there’d be constant updates of new things to watch, listen to, or check out. xD I’d never be bored. So I figured that I might as well try to do something similar to that..

I do watch a lot of stuff anyway ;D Might as well share.


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