Hey, May!

:P I went to this Asian plaza today, and my purpose wasn’t even to treat myself………

;_________; THEN I SAW A TSUBASA CHRONICLE POSTER. And it was a lot cheaper than I expected too! xD
Eva: -to dad- D: The cost is about one pearl drink. How about you offer to buy me a pearl drink, I refuse, and buy a poster instead?! ^^

And he did it so I ran off to buy my poster xDDDDDDDDD Don’t you love how I think?!

YEAAHHH! ^^ One more treasure for my Tsubasa walls!!

Also I was in a bookstore and I saw….. SUPER JUNIOR’S SUPER SHOW 2 CONCERT CD~~! OOOOOx *_________* oh my oh my… Hahaha. It was like $24. After a while, because I showed so much interest in it, my dad was like, “Do you want to buy this as your birthday present from your mom?”

;_; So I said, “… Nah. The DVD for the concert will come out soon and that’s going to be much more expensive. xD But I want that one instead, so just forget the CD.”

Come to think of it, Super Junior’s 4th album is coming this month :]]]]]]]]]]]]] I hear the teaser will come out in 3 days! ^_____^ x] x] So excited! I guess I’m going to buy that too, to support SuJu. :P <3
[;_; oh no, what if f(x)’s “NU ABO”–which I’m excited for btw–is really good and I wanna buy that too…]


T.T Ew school.. The past week has been STAR testing and although as far as I know, I was the first one in my class to finish the English, chemistry, and history sections [HAHA is it weird that I find tests fun?!?!], but the math part… mowed me over and danced on top of me….. xDD;; And then in 2 weeks is AP testing, oh joy.. And then the SAT and two Subject SATs.. xD;; Yayz.


My last pic as a 16-year-old HAHAHAHA
This is what I’m spending my last hour doing xDDDD
eating bbq Lay’s and doing AP chemistry homework…….


2 Responses

  1. Love the poster!

    Haha, BBQ lays ftw!
    You’re shooo adorable. x3 <3

  2. xD I love the way you think Eva-love :D And good luck on your tests!!!

    AAAAANNDDD Happy birthday!!!!! <3

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