Happy Meals

WTH! Happy Meals were just made ILLEGAL in my county!

TT_____TT The only freaking county in the world where they’re banned so far.

There goes my childhood.. =_=


[And you know, when they had Neopets plushes years ago, sometimes I went and just bought the toy by itself… xD Because I was obsessed with Neopets… :P So just because I wanted the toy didn’t mean that I forced myself to eat unhealthy fast food for it. So it’s not like the toys always enforce unhealthy food and obesity.]


3 Responses

  1. NO WAYYY. They can do that?! -______-
    That is just terrible. I am so sorry. </3

  2. WHAT?! That’s possible?? o.o Why would they do that? – . –

  3. WHAT ?! DDD:
    that’s just.. wrong :ooo

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