Oh!, Nobody, Lovely Day, Jr Prom!

Ahh I’ve been sooo busy lately omg I’ve seriously been meaning to blog for like everyday since two weeks ago xDDDD Well I’m not exactly not busy right now since tomorrow is junior prom…

Two weeks ago, my Lovely Day cover [the song by Park Shin Hye for You’re Beautiful] got taken down :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ </3 Sadness.

Last week, Star!U‘s [the Totally Up! Project group singing Korean songs, of which I am the leader of :P] cover of Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” was uploaded! Uhuhu.

[Star!U] Nobody

The 2nd track in Star!U’s second single, La Cha Ta. Original Star!U members: Eva, Lulu, Teefah, Katie, and Hachi appear in this single.

Song: Nobody
Group: Star!U
Yoobin: Eva
Sohee: Lulu
SunMi: Teefah
SunYe: HachiProject
YeEun: Katie
Audio Mixer: Eva
Video Mixer: Purply
– & – &
Exciting comeback single for Star!IU with original members and especially covering Wonder Girls’ amazing hit song. Nobody.
MP3: http://www.box.net/shared/1gddmfruog

:D I really like this one hahaha. The real song starts @ 2:04 and if you’re curious, my rapping segment starts @ 5:29 ;D


5 days ago, I finally uploaded
Oh! (오!) [Song & Dance Cover] – SNSD (소녀시대),
which I’d been working on for SOOOOOO long ;_____; Almost 2 months~ :P

Yuuppp I still can’t dance. xD;; Oh gosh I feel humiliated now. ;___; And as expected, a lot of people were like, “:O I’d never seen this side of you before, Eva…” And iono! It feels weird. D: But ahahha I’m super happy I already got 800 views in 5 days x] <3 To ME, that’s a huuuge accomplishment! Oh the power of SNSD. xD Dude someone embedded the video at a Daum cafe website where it earned me 121 clicks, which I find SOOOOO COOLLL. *_____* [I can’t see who did it or why because you need to log in ;_;] It fascinates me that somebody felt like giving it/me attention and that a lot of people in Korea actually watched my video. ^^

But lol at how it says
“This video is most popular with:
Gender Age
Female   13-17
Male        35-44
Male        45-54″
Huh, males 35-54 watching me sing and dance. Oh the power of SNSD. xD


Tomorrow is junior prom. ^^ Surprisingly, I’m actually going to it… xD A lot of people had the hugest reaction ever when they found out and couldn’t believe it, like it was a big deal.. xD ;_____; Is it that much of a shock that little ol’ Eva is going to her high school junior prom…? T.T

But yeah I’m just going with friends. [Because obviously nobody would ask me to prom :P So I’m guessing that’s why people can’t believe I’m going anyway.] And I’m going to be a wallflower! xDDDDD That’s what I’m really good at doing… ^^
I already know I’m going to be incredibly bored :[ There’s nothing for me to even do at prom. I don’t/can’t/don’t want to [come on, everyone just freak dances >___>] dance. So not much point in going to a dance, eh? xD But due to STUPID BUDGET CUTS OF THIS FREAKING DISTRICT, we most likely won’t have a senior prom/ball next year, along with no clubs, no assemblies, and no sports. And I’m only ever gonna have 1 junior prom D; So going is like taking a safety precaution, in case I regret not going later. :P

My dress and how I’m gonna go to prom. ^^ [PS;; -sob- heels…. won’t I just stand out more…..]


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