Why is a raven like a writing-desk?

Chiisana: what’s up what’s up?
Eva: i’m watching a Pokemon episode.
Eva: the one where Ash goes to the Cerulean City gym.
Eva: Misty’s battling Ash right now.
Eva: ROFL James just said “It’s times like these that make me wanna go straight..”
Eva: and i’m pretty sure that’s.. xD not in the right context but
Eva: i was like

Eva: i don’t know much about dancing either but i know what bad dancing looks like LOL
Eva: -pokes self-
Eva: i feel like such a dork
Eva: after i typed that
Eva: i went and poked my arm with my finger.
Eva: …

(Friend): oh u so gangsta
(Friend): .___.
Eva: of course
Eva: i do play Animal Crossing, you know.

Suddenly I feel so cool :Db

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