Happy 2nd Anni, SJ-M <3

Since I most likely would’ve written something much too similar anyway, I’m going to steal the post I wrote from my new extra blog. :P

;__; Today is Super Junior-M‘s second anniversary. <3 Lately I’ve been pretty mehh about them because of everything that’s going on >__<

I really despise saying this but I doubt that there’ll be a 3rd anniversary since their leader Hankyung is currently in the midst of terminating his contract with SM Entertainment. I mean, I’m glad he’s happy and all.. I hate to be selfish, but he’s leaving Super Junior. >[ He even speaks as if he’s no longer in the group anymore, even though he officially still is a member. But I don’t like this. And I don’t like how he clearly showed his intent to terminate his contract, but wasn’t clearly saying, “I WANT OUT OF SUJU,” although that was indirectly obviously said. T.T And he acts as if leaving is nothing </3

Makes me sad that 13 is no longer 13. I still held on when Kibum stopped participating and focused only on acting, and I still held on when Kangin’s activities were suspended supposedly until 2010 yet it’s April and we STILL haven’t seen him.. But Hankyung leaving is for real. >__< </3

But Super Junior will go on and will still be strong <3 Their 4th album comeback will be the BEST! <33

But what about Super Junior-M? Hankyung was the leader. Hankyung was the most well known, the most popular member, and he was the key to their conquering the Chinese markets. Dx I swear he was like HALF of SJ-M, and now he’s leaving so I’m not sure SJ-M will even continue.. =/

But! Let’s look back at the good old days, shall we? ^^


DEBUT! ^___^ Oh I love this still hahaha. They are so precious. HENRYVIOLIN<3 And offtopic but YAY VICTORIA SONG FROM f(x) :DDDD

“Super Girl”

And suddenly they grew so much. :P Very catchy song ^^ I don’t think I give it enough credit. xD Relistening to it, I suddenly like it a lot…. xDDDD Anyway I still don’t like the concept ’cause it’s so overdone. xD And the song was soooo created simply to be trendy. Doesn’t really show you everything these boys have got.

I own all of SJM’s albums but I think it’s about time I rip this song onto my computer xDDDDD Sorry I’ve neglected you, Super Girl!! :3

“Blue Tomorrow”

I’ve been neglecting this song too. xD But it’s SO AMAZING AND SO BEAUTIFUL <3 ;_____; I love their ballads.. Sigh. ♥

3:16 = TT____TT Hankyung’s heartbreaking tears
4:00 = :O Zhou Mi’s amazing high note with AMAZING VIBRATO, which he can pull off perfectly live!

“At Least I Still Have You”

I’m ending this post with the absolutely most epic and beautiful song ever. <3

Too bad there’s no MV. This particular video was actually one of the few times that they lip-synced the song, since they’re all tired from just performing “U.” But I chose to embed this because it has many good points too:

  • since this is the official recording, you can REALLY hear how this song was meant to be, and it really showcases their singing abilities <3
  • I love the deep blue color of the set. :]
  • I love the sky and the birds flying in the background. It’s perfect for such an epic song.
  • I love how Henry leads them all forward onto that star, and then they all RISE *_*

But my complaint is that Donghae’s hair and clothes are like beggar-style at this time. xD;; They all look so tired..


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