You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD


-I am a huge dork.

-I am sarcastic and strange.

-I mumble & sing to myself a lot.

-When I’m worked up, my voice becomes intolerably irritating. T.T Ew, I hate it and I apologize

-I was VERY excited. Kind of embarrassing now.. ;_;

-I was not thinking. I was in freak-out mode.

-In conclusion, I’m a delusional, hopeless fangirl :]

[Edit;; Oops xD The “empty box” actually had a rolled-up calendar inside O__O THAT’S AWESOME.]

Oh yeah I lied xD I’m too lazy and tired to take pictures. Maybe laaateeerrrr~! ^^ Here’s some. :D The personalized membership card! And A.N.JELL chibis!


2 Responses

  1. Eva-love, you are so cute xD

    Kyaaa, all that stuff is SO amazing!!! I looove it! :D

  2. I remember how I was like jumping up and down when I came home and saw my own YB package! I was freaking out trying to open it as fast and as carefully as I could. LOL

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