I have no life. I never go out and rarely do I ever have fun. But today two of my friends that don’t go to my school invited me to go see a movie! ^^ I haven’t been in a movie theatre for about 2 years! We saw Dear John and OMG I CRIED SO MUCH. ;___; And we kinda movie-hopped and saw Valentine’s Day. I honestly wasn’t expecting to like it much but I liked it a lot xD It was adorable, funny, and really entertaining. ^^

But when I got home…….

My piano was gone.

>_____< My parents sold my piano. without telling me. AGGHHHHHHHHH >[[[[[[[[[[[ AND I DIDN’T GET TO SAY GOOD-BYE!!!!!!! </3 And they sold it for $1,300 LESS than what we bought it for! >[ And it was my birthday present in 2nd grade too! </3


On another note, I am learning a dance which I..fearfully plan on dancing and uploading soon! D: I already finished recording the song. I’m kind of excited xD But scared, yes. Because I can’t really dance. But it sucks that I never get to practice because everyday I’m so tired when I get home from school. T.T Ugyuuuuun..

Oh! And I should be receiving my $156 [inc. shipping =_=] “You’re Beautiful” Director’s Cut DVD Fan Package soooooon!
That’s one of the few things I’m looking forward to currently in my life. =___= LIFE IS BORING WAAAAAHHH I’M TIRED!!

I was really smart when I decided to take pics w/ my piano..


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