YUSHHHH. FINALLY IT IS FRIDAY AND FINALLY IT IS WINTER VACATION WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This was way overdue. :[ I’ve been insanely tired lately. Life has been improving, yes, but things build up still and I pretty much broke down yesterday. Dx But today, things got better~ Today was a nice day~ It was glorious, in fact! ^^

C.N. Blue – 외톨이야 I’m a Loner [Female Cover] – Duet w/ Chiisana

[Well, for me, it’s obsession. xD;; Hehe.]

Yong Hwa [Verses]: Eva / waterpixieva
Yong Hwa [Choruses]: Chiisana / ChiisanaChanx3
Jong Hyun: Chiisana / ChiisanaChanx3

Instrumental made by: Chiisana [from original mp3]
Mixing: Eva
Translations: 1takeKK @ Cnblue-sky.net [with edits]

^^ Please try not to compare this to the original because obviously our version is more feminine and weaker, especially the -cough- raps. Neither of us can speak Korean so please forgive any language-related mishaps? :D

We really appreciate and love feedback! Thank you~

HEHEHEHEHEHE. <3 I like how this turned out. ^^ Although I think the raps are awkward. [Originally I was gonna have my friend generate some beats for us, because the rap might be less awkward if there were the beats that didn’t make it through to the instrumental.. Dx But yeah, that didn’t come through.] That’s like the main flaw. But I like this a lot. :D <3

TT___TT I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOVE COMMENTS. ;__; :D ^^ ;D :O ^__^ <3 So does Chiichama!

I had other stuffs to say, but now I forgot it all. Boooooo.
No really. T.T I forgot everything I might’ve wanted to blog about.

Eva (3:24:58 PM): …………..
Eva (3:25:14 PM): my mom just came in and asked me.. if “dog” is plural, do you put an “s”………………….
Chiisana (3:25:23 PM): … xDD
Chiisana (3:25:32 PM): *patpat*
Chiisana (3:25:35 PM): it’s okay, it’s okay.


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