Lovely Day, baribiribarabu~

xDD Yup, lots to catch up on lol. Man this is why I like to just blog often. D;

FIRST OFF! New video I uploaded Jan. 21: “Lovely Day” by Park Shin Hye from my current favorite drama “You’re Beautiful“<3, as requested by Purply-sama, our leader from Totally Up! Project. ;D

[Cover] Park Shin Hye – Lovely Day

Wasn’t planning on doing this song, but I was requested by Purply [PurplyWater] so here it is! ^^

I really tried to sing in a style and voice that suited the song, and it was unexpectedly difficult. Dx So I cut the song short. xD Sorry~ PSH sang this in such a cutesy, soft, reserved way. T.T

“YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” IS LIKE THE BEST DRAMA EVER EVER EVER! :DDD I loooove it so much I’m getting the INSANELY expensive Director’s Cut DVD+Fan Package thing despite being a cheapo. [Say goodbye to shopping ;__;] So if you havent watched it yet, go watch it. :D

The video is just a slideshow of cute pictures from the drama, mostly behind the scenes. I’m a HUGE Shinwoo/JUNG YONG HWAAA/C.N.Blue fan so this video? Biased? Absolutely. ^^

Original singer: Park Shin Hye (박신혜)
Translation: 2m2i4k1i

Lately, like I said earlier, I’ve been kinda busy’ish? D: During the past two weeks, I have been SO TIRED and SO EXHAUSTED. :[ Just really, really physically and mentally tired. I pretty much slept at 2 every night because of homework, and then all day I would keep yawning like crazy. ;_____; Everyday I struggled to stay awake during class, especially AP Chemistry which has been insanely DULL lately. [It doesn’t help that the class is 2 hours long~] Plus I take 7 periods instead of 6, so that already really knocks me out… T.T

That weekend a week ago REALLY did not help [I was looking forward to it after a week of dying ;_;] because on Saturday I STILL had to wake up at my usual time of 6 AM. You know why? To take the SAT! Hah! x____x Well it felt easy/okay so skipping that. That Sunday didn’t do much either.

And then this past week… I got sick. TT__TT I didn’t go to school Monday; finally got some sleep<3 but not enough. And then it turned out that my teachers gave a lot of hw so I ended up staying up til like 3-4 doing it even though I was sick Dx So then school……. I pretty much ate chocolate and coffee candy nonstop to attempt to keep myself awake but even still… xD;;

Then this past weekend was marvelous and a lot of fun! <3 :] But my parents pissed me off a lot because I get absolutely 0 respect & privacy, and my mom broke my stuff.

And today O__________O I WAS SERIOUSLY SHOCKED. I was perfectly awake all day! <3 Also, I finished all my hw at like 9:40! ^____^ Aaaand I got my report card recently and I was still able to keep my beautiful 4.0 <333 even though I had swine and missed school for a week in November! ;__; I’m really, really grateful~~~<3 Hehehe~

Although I still am sorta sick O__O I never technically *got better* …… I’ve just BEEN half-sick. It’s very not fun. xD But I can’t wait til my throat stops hurting so I can recorddd~!

I already loved their CRAZY AWESOME talents and looks but their personalitiiiieeesssss *__* SUCH CUTE PEOPLE. So down-to-earth, modest, innocent, funny, and caring/appreciative/considerate/loving toward fans! I really wanna support them so I shall try to buy their next album if I have money. O: Ehehehehe C.N. Blueee~~ ^^ *.* ^o^ :3 :D ♥


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