Confidence, Eva, confidence!!

^____^ Yaaay! Kehe I’m so happy because today I presented my chocolate video and it went really well!

Well I was nervous all day and I was so scared for people in my class to watch it T.T I know, I’m pathetic. -pokes mushrooms Tamaki style- And when I went up in front of the class I was SO AWKWARD. xD I was like shy and spazzy and ditzy and embarrassed =__=

So after the awkward intro[OHH some people laughed when I said, “It’s self-explanatory, so you can just watch it and pretend it’s interesting.. ^^;;;;;;” !!! :OOO I NEVER make people laugh like that! Tis be a revelation!! ^^] I played the video and sat behind the projector on the ground plugging my ears and hiding my face ;__; IT WAS SCARYYY.

And then when it was over.. :OOO I got a REALLY good reaction! T.T It was the most explosive applause I’ve ever heard for ME. I’m so HAPPY. EVERYONE WAS SO NICE. T.T And I heard some people saying that it was the best presentation in the class and AHH I’m really glad and I feel so much more confident in myself! T.T

I was mostly scared though because of my narration because I find my speaking voice INSANELY irritating, but people actually said things like, “WOW. Your voice! It was so..clear!” “It sounded really professional!” and “You could be a voice actor!” DIES OF HAPPINESS *_____*

And then my TEACHER! Some of the presentations weren’t very exciting and for a lot of them, it was just that you clapped out of courtesy and because of their hard work, then it was on to the next presentation but my teacher was like, “Wow! So how was THAT presentation?!?” and there was a lot of clapping and cheering ;__; AND AND AND for visual and presentation, my teacher told me he gave me 5 out of 4 for both categories YEESSS!! A+ SO FAR! Of course the third category is the written report but I’m not worried xDDD;; Then my teacher asked to keep a copy of the vid as motivation for his other students :O I’m honored but .. people who’ve never even heard of me[or maybe like ONE that knows me], seeing my video and hearing my voice…

Ah and then I also brought Hershey’s miniature bars for the class and I was pleasantly surprised to see the whole class eating them so happily :D And later when we were going around the room reflecting on the project’s influence on us, and I said I learned that I should have more self confidence, my teacher was all, “Yeah! What’d you guys think of her fantastic video?!” and I got lots of claps and praise again, and I’m just not USED to getting so much positive attention and praise so -sighs- Definite satisfaction. THANK YOU, chocolate~! <3333

Yesterday I was really under the weather and harsh on myself, and I lost a lot of self-esteem and felt like as a person, I was lower than low. That I really couldn’t do anything right and I renewed strong resolution to keep improving myself as a person. Of course I always TRY to improve but.. DETERMINATION! D<
:O Today I feel like a lot of that self-esteem came back.. Confidence, Eva, confidence! >O Okay this is better.. ^^ but I still of course will keep working at improving myself as a person constantly D: [yoshi, ganbarimasu? xDDDDD -is shot-]


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