i am a ninja -not weird-

-Improve at singing until even my real life friends acknowledge me as a “singer!”
-Get better at dancing!
-Get better at hardcore rapping and soft, fast rapping!
-Master making videos on Sony Vegas!
-Raise the self-esteem!

^^ I am determined now!
Ebah gambarimasu~! <–Kobato reference..



SuJu and SNSD‘s MV of “Seoul Song” which is part of their whole Seoul, Korea campaign :OOOO I know the commercials, but I had no idea they made a SONG until this MV came out just a while ago!

^^ It’s SUCH an adorable MV in general. It’s very cheery and pleasant, and all these boys and girls are super cute. ^^ The scenery is gorgeous too! I love this MV! :DD And I know Super Junior and SNSD are family, but ^_____^ THE COUPLES ARE REALLY CUUTEEE! Taeyeon and Siwon is really cute!

And some entries back, I wrote this:
“And Seohyun’s..there. xD And Kyuhyun walks in! The two awkward, but known for their intelligence, youngest members of SuJu and SNSD with super powerful vocals! Hm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the two interact. D: I should look into that!”

OMG THEY PAIRED KYUHYUN AND SEOHYUN TOGETHERRRR! :DDDDDDD I have SO been waiting for them to interact! Cuuutteee! ^^ When I first saw Kyu approach her at 1:56, I seriously started squealing even though my parents are asleep. xDDDD They’re so similar though and they’re both the youngest!

=____= But even when they’re together, I can’t imagine them together… They’re that awkward… xDDDD; But somehow their awkwardnesses are what make them cute. So I like this. Hm. The game-obsessed Kyuhyun and the anime-lover Seohyun. My my my.

3:21 Donghae’s Mixstyle headphones! :OOO I WANT..


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