ni shi wo de chocolate love!

:D Yesterday was a good day! Look what came in the mail!
[And hours after my dad sent a complaint email about it taking too long to arrive, too.. xD]

Ohohoho..~ Ah and my skin is a lot better than before :O ^^ But my face still looks too scary to show, so I shall be taking pictures like this..


[I got you babe~ I call, I call it chocolate love~]

This is what I spent my Sunday doing! Procrastination to da max, yo! xD;;
In French, we did these projects on whatever topic of our choice. We turned in the written reports mid-early November. And then we’re supposed to present with some visual. Everyone made posters or powerpoints then talked in front of the class. And of course, being ME who absolutely can’t speak in front of people, I made a video and narrated it :]]]] I feel so smart HAHAHAHA

By now, most of the class has already presented…… xD

I only TECHNICALLY started working on the video two days ago xDDD I know, I’m bad, shhh. But hey, I think it turned out well. :O Even if I procrastinated, at least I worked MUCH harder on my project than a lot of people in my class..

DDD: Having a baby voice is good for singing Japanese songs, but ;__; my speaking voice irritates me a lot… I’m scared now to present, even if I don’t have to say much. Dx


4 Responses

  1. Ooh, yay for Suju-M!

    You better get an A+++++ for thisssssss!
    It all looked so DELICIOUSSSSS, especially that Chocolate and Brownie Affair ice-cream. Yummy~ <3

  2. i love your project~~ you’re speaking voice is so adorable and pretty~! hope you get an A+

      I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU AROUND IN SOO LONNGGGG TT________TT <3333333 I've miissed you!

      I swear I was just gonna call you again to check if you haven't fallen off the planet!

  3. […] Eva, confidence!! ^____^ Yaaay! Kehe I’m so happy because today I presented my chocolate video and it went really […]

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