You’re Beautiful! *_* I MEAN IT.

Since it’s Thanksgiving break and I have lots of time, I decided on Wednesday to start watching the popular Korean drama You’re Beautiful [Minamishineyo], which coincidentally ended the day I started it, because I knew the main girl character has to live as a guy. Judging from pictures I couldn’t help but see since everyone was talking about it, she looked NOTHING like a guy. xD So I got a little curious about whether she pulled off being a guy in the drama, and why everyone loved You’re Beautiful so much. :O

To be honest, I was only gonna watch the first episode to see what it was like. I doubted I’d have much interest in it since throughout the whole airing of the series, even though I saw stuff about it a lot, I really didn’t take any interest at all.. and usually when I’m not into it from the beginning, it doesn’t change.. I also thought the idea was kinda cliche and it MIGHT have been just another overrated drama. [As much as I loved Kkotboda Namja, where I even bought a DVD, it was overrated.]

Oh yeah. Go Mi Nam still does not look like, act like, or sound like[..he’s supposed to be a singer too..] a guy at all. ;___; But I think Park Shin Hye was a REALLY good choice for that character. It’s not perfect but she did a good job. She’s cute, but not boyish.

O___O But after the first episode.. I only have one word to say:



In the first episode, I was like, “Okay. I see why main guy character is there. He’s supposed to be super hot and good-looking and be all bad-boy on the outside. And not a bad choice for actor. Okay. And this guy. His character’s kinda wonky, but Lee Hongki is amazing, has great looks, and the most incredible and emotional voice. He makes sense. Wait, who’s this other guy? O_o His looks don’t even stand out.. he looks okay, I guess.. and his character so far isn’t very impactful, and I don’t even remember his name >_O Oh well!”
I even heard he was supposedly like a second “Jihoo sunbae”[Kkotboda Namja aka Boys Over Flowers] but I was like, Pfft. Wannabe. No one can top Jihoo.


;_____; Omg I don’t know why I like him so much, but KYEEEEEE. I was, like, squealing and smiling goofily in front of the monitor ;__; Okay yes I fall for fictional guy characters a lot, but like.. Dx this is like.. he only took two episodes and I’m freaking squealing, WTH. I mean, Syaoran made me squeal.. Henry Lau at times.. and sometimes the relationship between Kazehaya and Sawako in Kimi ni Todoke[this week’s ep was soo good! ;_;].. xD This must be unhealthy.

GOSH DARNIT! Why am I such a sucker for nice guy characters?!
;___; Darnit but he’s so sweet and he’s so cute and cool and he’s so AHHHH, my crazy fangirl fetishes? YUP, they’re all there! ^^ AND DANGIT, Jung Yong Hwa<33333 the actor has just like.. the most beautiful face in the world. Wth. He’s really cute and it’s not helping ;_; And I CANNOT believe he’s a newcomer! Such a great actor!! :OOOO I need to check out his band when they get to do bigger stuff; I wanna hear him sing~

T.T I love Shinwoo’s character so much. That’s the kind of person I wanna be in real life! Like, he really looks out for and takes care of others well; he always thinks of Go Mi Nam first.. And he’s just really supportive and clever and -twiddles fingers-

Dx In Kkotboda Namja, I did prefer Jihoo, the nice best friend guy, over Jun Pyo, the bad-ass-on-the-outside main guy.. but I wasn’t one of those people who were like, “OH YES. Finally she’s not with Jun Pyo! Now go run into Jihoo’s arms and be with him!” because I knew that she really should be with Jun Pyo and it was no use fighting fate there..

… … But I want Mi Nam/Mi Nyu to be with Shinwoo ;___________; I know she won’t, but I want her to be with Shinwoo; it’s not fair TT__TT The drama’s not fair~ Shinwoo always gets the short end of the stick~ ;__; He always gets hurt and I feel his pain! It’s like, BLAHHH.

I was at my friend’s house after Black Friday shopping [OOO: I bought boots! But I’m scared about how the hecks I’m gonna pull them off xD] and I was.. watching You’re Beautiful.. on my friend’s laptop. xD And I seriously started throwing a small, mini fit to myself, just smacking myself with pillows and being like, “NOOOOOOOO!! NO!!!NOOOOOO!!!! BUT I WANT HER TO BE WITH HIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMM…! IT’S NOT FAAIIIRRRRRR” ’cause AGGHH! Just A FEW MORE STEPS. If only she took a few more steps, then it would’ve been so much better! ;___; And Shinwoo looked so hurt and GAH. Okay I really need to stop being so in love with a character, but this time I can’t help eet. T.T Shinwoo~

-kicks rock- I’m starting to like Jung Yong Hwa’s real personality too..

 << LOL.


11 Responses

  1. you’re beautiful sei stupendo

  2. Haha, I just came across this entry on the internet!
    I too LOVE You’re Beautiful, it’s so awesome, but I like shinwoo the least of ANJELL, it’s pretty ironic.. xD
    Looking at Park Shin Hye, I don’t think she act boyish but looks a bit boyish though, and really compared to all the new commercials and stuff! :) I think she made a good job.
    Well, well..
    Hwang Tae Kyung, fighting! hehe

  3. accckkk! I just discovered You’re Beautiful yesterday and I’m going gaga over it! Yes, I feel Shinwoo’s pain, especially that part where Mi Nam only has to take a few steps…Huhuhu.. and he looked so handsome too…but I like Tae Kyung, too! I’m so tornnn! Hahaha..

    My friends and I are like “can I be the microphone/guitar/shirt/Jolie (the dog) instead so we can be real close!?!?!?” hehehe…^_^

  4. I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. That scene where Shin Woo was following Go Mi Nam all day and buying her stuff (he’s so sweet for doing that) and then at the end of it he tells her to turn around and start walking. He was about to reveal to her that he knew her secret and that he liked her!! It was perfect!! The way he smiled and anticipated it…and then the way the music just dropped and he was totally just like stood up…AGHH!!!! That scene tore me apart inside >__< I totally felt for him there too. I wanted to reach into the television and give him a hug, haha!

    And yes, although I truly like all three boys (Tae Kyung is a jerk but still cute…and Jeremy is just cute all over with such an AMAZING voice), I have got to say that Shin Woo is DEFINITELY my favorite<333333

  5. I fell for Shinwoo the first time I saw him.
    I love You’re Beautiful.
    It’s the first thing that got me into K-Pop.

  6. i just finished watching it and i really love it.. is so so so cute…can get over with the story..the love story was brilliant i mean its a must seen korean will miss one half of your life if you dont watch it…i bet you guys..

  7. i love shin wo(yong hwa).not just handsome, his personality also so much…..

  8. ilove u…………………………………………………………………
    pokoknya ilove u…………………………………………………….

  9. hhuh cemua.a kerendd beund dewhh…
    phaa agge kang shinn woo.. gantengg beunddd..
    pokokk.a semuaa.aa kerendd.

  10. i love you forevaaaaaaaaa…..

  11. hahaha….
    shin hye nya cute di stu
    ehhh hongki mna ko ga kliatan
    ya udh mungkin hongki gi tidur
    jdi yg bikin web ini
    mudah2 an ajja dri korea tpi klo ga … ya ga ppa juga sich
    tpi aq mw titip slam untuk my heart ( hongki )

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