Happy Thanksgiving! ^^

Speaking of happiness, LOOK LOOK!!

^_____^ OMG YESS!! The day after I saw my grade in AP English was a C- [I told you I didn’t deserve it! >OO] I logged on, expecting to still see my doom, and it was an A- ;______; I’m so happy. I was really, really, really happy! It was like -angels sing and light shines down on me from heaven- TT~TT Thank God.. <3

But now my goal is to knock off that (minus)! ^_^ Oh yes. Arrogant AP Asian right here. ;D


Hehe I’m actually almost done with another solo dub! :OOO *___* I can’t believe it! When I finished Furusato, I went straight to my next project, so I recorded the song on Tuesday and yesterday, and somehow I finished the whole thing in those two days O__O Well that was because it’s an anime TV Size song and it was a minimum school day yesterday. All I have to do now is redo a really icky line that I refuse to keep, and I can upload it!

O__O This is so weird! I mean, I JUST uploaded Furusato on Monday, and I almost have another upload? :OO It feels so weird xDDDDD I’m always so slow and I take weeks to record songs so my uploads are usually at least a few weeks apart..

;_; But this sucks because I JUST uploaded something so everyone’ll be like, “Oh, her again?” xD I hope people will watch it.. Oh well! I’m excited! :DDD

I’m also really excited and looking forward to shopping tomorrow! *o* Black Friday shopping with my friends! Super extra happy because I never get to hang out with my friends anymore ^o^ >__>;; But I should stop looking forward to it because I’ve learned from experience that whenever I look forward to something, it turns out to be a disappointment.

Oh yeah. I didn’t have any turkey today, but hey, I ate chicken pho.


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  1. ;_; But this sucks because I JUST uploaded something so everyone’ll be like, “Oh, her again?” << I DARE TO DOUBT IT'S LIKE THAT! To me, it's more like, "OH EVA'S GOT A NEW DUB, SHE'S SO FASTT AND WE'VE GOT HERE A NEW AMAZING DUB TO LISTEN TO~<33 clickthevideoclickthevideoo~~" ((=

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