FURUSATO; Traumas D:

After I got over the shock, I cried so much and I still am.

I have NEVER gotten such a bad grade before >__< I WASN’T KIDDING WHEN I SAID THAT ONE WEEK I WAS SICK SCREWED ME OVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! I’m SO MAD! I’m so disappointed at myself AGGHHHHH! Just that one week I most likely had swine flu, and didn’t go to school… Just those five days and now

C-? I’m almost FAILING. I’m borderline!

And my skin condition has been SO BAD lately that my face just looks scary and I think I look like a monster; I’ve been afraid to look into the mirror, and I’m just so self-conscious everywhere I go because I don’t want anyone to see my face, and my face HURTS. And the tears made it sting even more ;____; It hurts a lot… Agh, I’m really… This grading period ends this Friday too. So my parents are going to see my C- because they mail the grades home.

I really.. need to find a way to burn that paper.. because next to all my 4.0 papers, I really don’t want that kind of paper in my history.

o.o My friend just told me the grading period ended last Friday. o.o o.o So this means.. so this means.. so this means.. this means that.. the C-…… for now, doesn’t matter? Right? Right? Oh my god. Oh my god. Thank God. Thank the lord. I can stop crying now. Okay. Breathe in, breathe out, relax. ;__; I SHALL bring it up before THIS grading period ends!! I’m sure I can AT LEAST bring it up to a B! DDDDD: There’s some stuff too, that I made up, but my teacher never entered in any score.. so hopefully, HOPEFULLY that stuff helps bring up my grade.
… Oh no. Kojiru just told me that grades don’t go in until tomorrow.
How stupid >__>


Okay I am officially calm :D

Please leave me a comment because every comment makes me happy? D:<3
I’m the kind of person who goes, “Hm. Five ratings, three comments? D: Darnit, two opinions I’m missing out on…” xD

“Yup, me and my crazy ideas. ^^; I know, smack me; I wrote a kind-of English rap segment for FURUSATO. xD Such a beautiful song, and what I’ve done to it.. Haha, but I wanted this to be unique and less boring? :O And yeah it’s supposed to be really fast because, uh, that’s how I envisioned it in my head before I decided to write it. Dx I’ve always wanted to try soft, fast rapping, but mehh…

^^ This is my third version of Furusato and I’ve come to become attached to this song? I hope I’ve improved, and will continue to improve and record ANOTHER Furusato. xD Well, this one is dedicated to everyone who’s stuck around long enough to remember seeing my first one, which I was really happy about because a lot of people received it so kindly even though it pains my ears to listen to it now :D Thank you!

Song: Furusato [Hometown]
Originally by: Morning Musume
PV: Niigaki Risa’s version because I like her~

Thank you for watching ;__; Ah, and I really like feedback. xD I just wanted to say that. I really like feedback. Hehe.

Edit;; Gosh darn the subs were killed. D: Well, here if you’re curious!
That feeling inside–there’s not a doubt
It’s that hometown nostalgia I’m singing about
Thinking about those days I used to live
Not knowing time was such a wonderful gift
The past that’s long gone, the past that I miss
If I had known any better, I would’ve cherished
it but I’ve learned now to keep living on with a smile
Though those feelings still surface in my heart every once in a while

xD The original lyrics are hard to build on, so it ended up a bit irrelevant..

^^ Anyone who’s been following my singing long enough knows that Furusato is like MY song Dx Chiichama calls it my signature song, since I’ve sung it so many times and I’ve considered each time a stepping stone :3 I can’t wait til I can do it a 5th or 6th time! xD ^^ I’m reaaaaally happy I finished this song and uploaded it. I was really looking forward to that. :DD


Today this house that’s across from my school was on fire DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD: H-Have I ever mentioned I have a trauma against fires? ;__; Yeah.. there’s a reason I’m naturally attracted to water and the color blue… Yeah. Fire scares me a lot.

So in the middle of 7th period, we were taking a test, and suddenly we all started hearing endless sirens and smelling smoke Dx It was REALLY strong and it really smelled bad. >__< At first I didn’t mind it, but then when the smell got stronger, it really scared me.

D: Because I recognized the exact same smell from when I was in elementary school and I was in Australia and at this park on Christmas, when suddenly this wildfire started, and eventually there were SO many wildfires, especially in the mountains, everywhere and I remember that I had to see so many of them, I tried to force myself to sleep in the car so I wouldn’t see them and I wouldn’t be afraid.

>__O But yes, I’m very scared of fire. xD In 4th grade, I made myself into a cartoon girl named Seaprincess who was a mermaid who defeated fire monsters :D And eventually, that got boring so I recreated myself as Water Pixie, who made healing potions at the Healing Dewdrop Leaf and fought her enemy Fire Pixie :D I wonder if that rings a bell~?

And today there was like a LOT of smoke D: It was crazy.. All polluting our air and stuff too… And >___< I actually SAW the house because we drove by it. Oh my God. It was so frightening. It was a really big house too, yet the roof was all black and there were so many flames peeking through and it was..scary. I feel so sorry for whoever’s house that is. And the neighbors.

Oh gosh I can’t even imagine what would happen if my house started burning. Dx And with my bad luck.. ;__;

See, I have arachniphobia and it’s been like this since I was little, to the point where I can’t even say the name of what I’m afraid of. But I have very, very bad luck ;__; I also think I’m cursed. I also think my house is infested. During September-October… it probably lasted more than a month long……. but there was a period where EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I had an encounter with one. I couldn’t even get through a single day without seeing one.

I swear they follow me. They know I’m afraid; they can smell my fear EWWW SO CREEPPYY TT___TT Anyway, I couldn’t escape it at all. Whether in the bathroom or in my room or in the living room or in the hallway or any of the houses my parents took me to look at, or even at SCHOOL. Once in my chemistry class and then like FOUR OR FIVE TIMES at the place I hang out at school omg EWWW ;_____; And I lost count of how many times I dreamed about them too. >_< It was that bad.

Even now, I only have to go “DAAADDDYYY!” and he comes running in with some papers ready to kill something for me.


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