Glowing bows!

For the past week I’ve been listening to Park Bom’s “You and I” on repeat<3 Best song ever. :O One of the best MVs ever. If you’ve never heard the song or seen the MV, go go go youtube it! :D

;___; Mehh sometimes I get the temptation to sing “You and I” xD But I would really kill it. xD It would trample all over me in turn. :O I kinda feel like recording it, but I kinda feel like I shouldn’t~ We’ll see later on~

Right now I’m working on Furusato! ^^ My third version! It is.. 70% done? [Edit;; Complete!!!! ^___^] Iono if I should use one of its PVs or make one of my own. And after I kind of want to do this Maaya Sakamoto song that I love but I think that’s gonna kill me ’cause the notes are so high. xD I’m also thinking about a groupdub of something but the song is so sweet and slow and pretty that I’m afraid a groupdub of it won’t be.. good? D:? Not to mention its notes are crazy high too. I already wrote a script though ’cause I have no life xDDD

Karu [LovablexKarupin] has to quit fandubbing TT___TT That makes me sad. </3 I’ll miss her! Everything that I do online is such a big part of my life.


:O Today was the Mnet Asian Music Awards aka MAMA.
SM Entertainment boycotted it so Super Junior, SNSD, f(x), and SHINee weren’t able to get any of the big awards. >__O Still, I’m happy about who were able to get some of the awards..

For example, the Best Artist of the Year award went to 2PM! <333!
I’m soo happy for themmm ;___; especially after everything they’ve been through, what with the stupid controversy surrounding their leader Park Jaebum<3 which caused him to leave the group.. It must be so hard and emotional for them to perform without Jaebum D: But despite them being 1:59, I’m happy for them! Oh my gosh, 2PM’s speeches and performances at MAMA were so touching TT___TT

AAAHHH!!!! I was about to embed 2PM’s speeches after they won both Best Artist of the Year and Best Male Group, but OMG. Time2sub2 is suspended! DDx GRRR. Another great subbing account gone down. ;_____; But what they said was really touching and I wanted to cry! Both times, they mentioned Jaebum. D:

Like, when they won Best Artist of the Year, a bunch of them, especially Wooyoung, cry like crazy :[ And Junsu said “Even though he isn’t here right now, I trained with him for 4 years and saw him throughout, Jaebummie… Our leader. I want to be able to share this great moment with him.” ;__;
[Edit;; WATCH HERE.]
And then when they won the Best Male Group award, Taecyeon said, “Jaebum-hyung, we’re all waiting for you, so hurry up and return.” <3
[Edit;; WATCH HERE.]

I have to say I’m not really a fan of the song “Heartbeat” D: And I’ve been kinda mehh about an incomplete 2PM so I do watch all their performances but I usually don’t have much to say about them. But something about this one made me like it a lot. ;__; So I shall talk about it. I really don’t like headmics, but despite that, I think they did reaally well vocally :O Wooyoung[the first singer!] did especially awesome and Junsu[the first part of the chorus!] always does awesomely. Junho[the two verse bridges!] is a pretty good singer too. And the rapping was spot on and fierce and beast xD

BUT “HEARTBEAT.” THE ONE THING ABOUT “HEARTBEAT” YOU CAN’T NOT MENTION IS THE CHOREOGRAPHY. xDDDDD IT’S SOOOO FREAAKKYYY. It creeps me out! But they’re such good dancers[look at 3:50!] and it is pretty epic choreography.. xD It’s just scary. But it’s epic. Oh yeah, JYP came out =__= xD

The orchestra members’ bows LIGHT UP!
HOLY COW THAT’S AWESOME WOW OMG we should so do that in symphony orchestra!

“Again & Again” was AMAZING :] They did awesome and I love the song, but their dedication to Jaebum was the most amazing. <3 4:23 is where Jaebum is supposed to sing, but they left his vocals in the music and left his spot empty :O
5:17 Jaebum usually sings the second half of the chorus, but they cut it out and went straight to the ending.. BUT. LISTEN TO THE FANS. Such amazing fans! They went and sang Jaebum’s part! Because it’s supposed to be there! And in the ending pose of the song, Jaebum’s supposed to stand in the middle with the rest of the members in a circle around him but they left his spot empty ^^ So touching!

You know what’s also amazing? :O Super Junior, despite not attending and despite Mnet’s bias against SM, won THREE AWARDS! xD OH YES. SJ FTW, CAN’T BE STOPPIN THEM. :DDDDDD Of course, they were all the popularity awards based on, duh, popularity and votes. :D Actual statistics and stuff! So there was no way Mnet could’ve made it up, and had no choice but to give them to their rightful winners, SuJu. Boo-yah.

And one of the awards SuJu won was the Overseas Viewers award! YESSSS :D We international Super Junior fans totally took that one home!


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