the f(x) effect

Everyday I love f(x) more and more xD

My favorite girlgroup was SNSD and I thought for sure no one could top them in my heart, but NOW I DUNNO ANYMOREEE ;____;

Oh and everyday, Chu~♡ grows on me a little more~ xD I used to not like the song much.. and then I started thinking it’s cute… ;__; But I think f(x) can make me like anything. I don’t like all that autotune in it or the fact that it doesn’t showcase how well they sing, but I’m starting to think Chu~♡ is a pretty good song! ^^


It makes me soooooo happy seeing them singing with handmics! Music Bank, I love you!! So far, every single performance except for their very first one[which, to be honest, was the only one I really actually liked xD] have been with headmics and the sound quality’s been TERRIBLE. Dx You can’t even, like, HEAR them sing. I know they’re not lip-synching but it often looks like they are, and I mean that in the bad way D: Although Luna and Krystal could actually pull that off in the good way..

Finally..!! ^__^

I mean, the mics are so clear, you can hear their jewelry jingling!

Krystal and Luna are sooo talented at singing! <3 And Sulli is just ADORABLE. It’s just the clothes their stylists gave her are terrible =__= I guess they’re taking advantage of the fact that she looks cute in whatever she’s wearing, and giving her ugly clothes… Victoria, compared to the rest of the members, still needs some work on her singing D: But her dancing = BEST! Her flip at 2:23! I’m already amazed she can even DO that, but she DOES it and does it perfectly in every single performance!

And Amber, haha xD So popular~ And she half-laughed during her solo 1:20, how cute! They always look like they’re having fun on stage<3

And all of them are just so cute and so pretty ;__; I like going on Affxtion forums and going to the photos section and then digging through every new thread xD Lately I’ve ended up saving a lot of pictures of them ’cause the pictures are adorable! :O I like reading some of their interviews too and I love visiting and leaving comments on their me2days. I really like their personalities. xD

Do it, do it chu~
La cha la cha ta ta!


3 Responses

  1. Riiight~? I’ve fallen i love with them so much x3

  2. Totally agree. ^__^ f(x) is so amazing! They’re really good live! Luna is my fave! :D

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