Nanchatte Renai [Duet] – Chiisana & Eva

^^ It’s finaaally done! Chiichama sounds really beautiful, and she did an awesome job on the harmonies and two-part harmonies. :D Oh yeah and the raps were changed up a bit~

In order of hearance:
-ChiisanaChanx3 / Chiisana
-waterpixieva / Eva

Harmonies: Chiisana
Mixing: Eva
Originally by: Morning Musume

Please leave us some feedback! :3

I HAVE BEEN DYYYIIIIIIIIIIING TO UPLOAD THISSSSS! ^_____^ I’m still sooooo excited~~! I love it so much and we worked so hard+long on it! ^^ Ahhhh I’m so happy it’s up! So please leave a comment on the video! :D I’d really love that <3 Waiting for feedback!!

^^ Tomorrow is a day off, wooooo! Although I just came back to school yesterday after being gone a week xD But WOO, A REAL BREAKKK! :DDDD

And tomorrow is Kimi ni Todoke and Glee! Looking forward to tomorrow!

And I’m also excited that now Nanchatte Renai is over, I’ll focus on my current project! ^^ Well, once my voice heals! Right now, I’m still coughing and hacking all over the place xD But YESSS SOON I WILL GET TO SING AGAIN! <3 Oh, how I’ve missed singing ! :O
And I’ll be working on FURUSATO! ^^ And when I finish singing it, and singing it is fun, I will UPLOAD it! Oh, I’m excited! xDDDD What PV shall I use? Ohohoho~



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