The Revival of Henry’s Hair

:DDDDDDDD I have successfully recovered! Clap clap clap~ ^^ Yacchaa! And as my reward for enduring through 9 days of fevering, I can fangirl as shallowly and hopelessly as I want without feeling guilty? :D [HENRYY~~]

Okay okay, before I begin rambling, is there anything to sayy.. :O I want the next ep of Kimi ni Todoke. I also want to upload Nanchatte Renai. OKAY!

But first, because this came out yesterday.

f(x)‘s new single Chu~♡

I love f(x) and I even leave comments on their me2day entries and I’m obsessed with LA chA TA, but this, hm.. >__O Can’t say I’m too fond of the song right now. It’s kinda mehh’ish and it doesn’t show off their vocals at all D: [Luna can sing thousand times better than this!] Well, Amber lucked out ’cause she got to rap. T.T Listening again, it’s kinda cute? It will grow on me! Especially because I love princesses!

Anyway, the MV is really cute but I don’t really get it.. No matter ’cause I still love princesses! SULLIIII IS ADORABLEE with the tiara and pigtails! Uwahh ^___^ She looks even younger than how young she already looks for her young age. The MV was totally all Sulli. Um, I like their outfits with the blue when they dance! But the other outfits OMG WHAT are they wearing?! Sulli’s huge, puffy black skirt and poor Krystal.. she doesn’t look good in that. T.T But Victoria’s flip at 2:26! :Db


Super Junior-M’s new MV for “Blue Tomorrow” OH YESSSS.
I have been so waiting for this! This was a quality song unlike most of the mini album coughhh and <333333 Love it love it!

The song is absolutely beautiful and they sung it really well >__< Such beautiful voices. And the lyrics are amazing and touching. I am in love. And the MV <3! It’s beautiful and sad and amazing and HANGENG’S SINGLE TEAR DOWN THE CHEEK AT 3:14 -clutches heart-

This is where the reward comes in. THEY LOOK REAALLYY GOOODD TT____TT Usually I always have a bunch of complaints, but this time… although Siwon’s pants bothered me. xD THEY LOOK SO AMAZING. *___* Don’t change, my boys!

But the big thing. Henry’s hair. Starting at 1:43, you start getting really nice shots of the boys standing. HENRY’S HAIR IS DOWNNN OH MY GODDD ASKLJFAIODJKL!!! I MISSED his bangs so much! I have been WAITINGGGG for this moment ever since he started chopping off his REALLY NICE BANGS during August 2008. It’s not a big deal when other guys cut their hair.. but something’s weird about Henry. -___-

Like, he’d be a completely different person with different hair. I dunno. It’s just that, with me, even though I already love his talent, personality, etc, his hair just makes a huge difference x__X And I kind of have a fetish for Asian guy hair.. T.T So bangs on Henry? YESSSSS. HE JUST LOOKS SOOO GOOODDD. It’s like his adorableness is completely back!! <3

AND MY GOD HIS HAIR LOOKS NICE. Please keep it that way forever! >__< Omg when I first watched the MV, I was screaming like a maniac despite my sore throat. 2:31 IS A REALLY GOOD SHOT OF HENRY. Welp, I’m happy.


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  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Ebah-hime~ ^^ <3
    Both MVs are awesome! I'm really liking the SuJu-M song!

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