T.T Part 3

DDDD: I was feeling a looot better today and I went to the doctors and even thought they’d think I was weird for coming in when I was no longer sick.

Then they checked my temperature and I was 103 degrees! O___O
Something is DEADLY wrong with my ears DDDDDDDDDDDDDDx

And it turns out I have a flu ;__; And my doctor doesn’t know if it’s the regular flu or swine flu o__o That’s scary! D: D:

T.T This is very scary, because often when I feel fine, my temperature is really high… T.T Iono if it’s just my ears or if my body’s in denial or if I’m numb or what Dx

And I REAAALLLYYY wanted to go trick-or-treating with my friends ;__; But my parents didn’t let me. I’m saddened. I want candy >___< I have a HUUUGE craving for fruit candy right now! D: Weird as this sounds, I’m very sick of chocolate at the moment T.T You don’t wanna eat that when you’re sick…

T.T My house doesn’t even HAVE candy other than chocolate! Dx Well, I’m living off orange tic tacs in the moment. T.T And I was so deprived, I went and ate a lot of dried mango, which I love, but am not really allowed to eat D: Well and then I got a bloody nose an hour later. xD Iono if that’s connected..

;______; My Halloween sucked. Of all days.. And I’m usually terrified of Halloween[I’m scared of everything x__X] but I was actually happy about it this year. T.T Grr. I wanted to be a Disney Princess too!


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