T.T Part 2..

:O When I woke up this morning, I was feeling great! Sometimes after I’m sick, I’m really hyper~ xD And I was genki genki~ and I was like, “^^ I can’t wait to go to school and see all of my friends and I can’t wait to be like ‘GOOD MORNING!! :D’ to everyone!” :O But then I did that, and I was totally shot down xDD So my enthusiasm died down a few notches.. ;__; I’m not allowed to be genki?

DDDx And then in 3rd period [I’m taking 7 ;_; it’s death~] my fever started coming back D: And by 7th, it was “O_o That girl over there is sleeping.. -Eva opens eyes and glares their directon- Nevermind :O -turns away quickly-“

Then when I got home, I checked and I was 102 degrees…

T.T That’s not fun. Thank GOD it’s Friday! :O

Butbutbut T.T Tomorrow’s Halloween.. And last year, some friends and I actually went trick or treating together for the first time and that was fun :O [Before that, I’d only gone twice >__O and one time was at the mall, ’cause my parents are overprotective like that.] So, like… T.T If by chance they go again.. and if by chance they invite me… T.T Iono if I’d be able to go…

D: And I actually want to go this year! Hey, I get to dress up and it’s FREE CANDY! Not to mention I rarely even eat candy anymore ’cause I’m too cheap to buy it! :O </3

Oh yeah, you know how saddening it is when everyone in your classes spend all period eating candy when you neither have any and are too nauseous to eat any anyway? >_O OH! TT________TT MY FRIEND TOOK MY DS HOME ON ACCIDENT SO NOW ALL MY FLOWERS IN ANIMAL CROSSING WILL DIEE OVER THE WEEKEND WAHHH TT___TT -sheds fake tear-


Okay, “stuff that Eva likes” time! :DDD

credit: sment

KYEEEEE! They had a surprise party for Henry! SO CUTE. SM FAMILY IS THE BEST!<3 Super Junior [and I don’t mean just SJM ^^] and SHINee are thereee! <3 And I heard some girls’ voices so maybe f(x) or SNSD are there too? :] :] Sooo adorablee xD They’re such huge dorks.

All of them are there just SCREAMING “Soweon eul malhaebwa!!!” [“Tell me your wish” from SNSD’s Genie ^^ Very clever~] into Henry’s face xD Especially Leeteuk and Donghae. I love how Leeteuk was all “HENRY AH! SOWEON EUL MALHAEBWA!!” ^^ Makes me happy that they’re close. And gosh, they’re so violent xD Boys, boys, boys… Saw it coming though :D If you take SuJu or 2PM and a cake, you’ll end up with frosting in the face.

But what I find mysterious is that the video was uploaded 15 days ago but I have, nor anybody else, never seen it before today O_o So that means the video was on private all this time? If so, why? Maybe this means some SMTown members have youtube accounts and they privated the video but let them see it?? :D Or I think I’m just overlooking it. xD

:OOO Park Bom from 2NE1’s  solo single “You and I” :OOOO

It’s sooo gooood… Dx The song is just AMAZING. One of of the best things I’ve heard recently! She’s reaaally a strong singer and I love her voice ^^And the lyrics are amazing.

And the music video! It’s so cute, sweet, touching, sad, and beautiful! I was smiling and then terrified and then almost in tears, and it gave me chills! Definitely a song I’ll be putting on repeat <3

O__O Remember back when Neorago/It’s You came out and I said that Heechul finally won my respect as a musician? Dx I TAKE IT BACK! RIGHT NOW he just won my respect as a vocalist! My GOD, he sounds good!

And as much as I love SJ, I have to admit that a few of them have pretty weak voices and like most people, I always thought Heechul was one of them o___o I mean, I knew he was good-looking, hilarious, and had one of the best personalities in entertainment, but talent-wise, I thought he was lacking..

:OO I always thought he didn’t really have much technique.. O__O BUT HE ACTUALLY HAS A REALLY NICE VIBRATO. WOW. Super Junior = talent!♥

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