T.T Balance sucks. Other than some things, I’ve been in a good’ish mood the past few days and life was good, but whenever something good happens to me, something bad always happens right after. ;__;

Yeah so yesterday I started coughing, which is super unusual for me because I don’t regularly cough or sneeze, and it was like Dx one of those super lung’y coughs, like the ones I had when I had a lung infection in April. T.T And I was super terrified I was gettng sick ’cause my immune system sucks. And it’s been really, really cold lately.

;__; This morning I woke up and I was sick.. And then I died all day at school. Dx I was like the living dead. [Too early! Halloween’s not for two days, Eva!] >__< I would have stayed home from school today but I didn’t want to miss my darn AP classes… -throws fit- AP SUCKS!!

So yeah… I just finished sleeping and I feel terrible. D;

T.T And we’re having the chicken I really like for dinner today.. sniffle. and I’m nauseous…

BUT! On another note, I’m really excited for some dubs to be uploaded ^^
-Nanchatte Renai
-Naichau Kamo

H!P spree~ :O


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