HenBer fan desu!

In terms of blogging:
Chinen Yuri is to Micchi, as
Henry Lau is to Eva. ^^


Okay okay this feels kinda weird since although I’M INSANELY fascinated by when celebrities are good friends or interact, I’m not usually into this kind of stuff this much, buuuuutttt!

I am going crazy right now b/c of Henry and Amber. :DDDD

And it’s not just “I like him and I like her; therefore I like them together!” or “They look good together!” … THEY ACTUALLY TOTALLY ACT LIKE A COUPLE. THIS IS TOO CUTE. THIS IS GOLD. <3!

And ME?! wanting to give Henry off to another girl?! If it’s f(x), I will accept!! xDDD I like Super Generation/SuShi, WonderBang, etc a lot but I don’t have a OTP [one true pair] favorite between groups.. ‘Til now! Super Junior[+M] and f(x)?! I’m all for it! :D If it’s AMBER, I would so let Henry get married! xDD~

[GIFs credited to sassydork@livejournal!]

Henry and Amber holding hands GIF! ^^  Henry and Amber 3  Henry and Amber 2

They held hands and Amber dragged him to the front! :OOO They so look/act like a couple! They look hecka American. xD I bet they speak English to each other ^^

Henry, f(x), SNSD, and Kyuhyun GIF ^^

So much action in this GIF. xD Henry’s SUCH a pimp. His arms are around Luna and Amber. xD Poor Ryeowook’s off to the left alone; usually he hangs with Henry, but I guess when girls are around.. HAHA Well this is my first time seeing Henry like this. xD Come to think of it, I’ve never seen him with SNSD. :O I’m happy he’s close with f(x) ^^

And then there’s Krystal and Jessica, the sisters ^^ I love seeing them interact; they’ve such a good bond. And Amber and Sulli hugging. ^^ Oh and I see f(x)’s Victoria talking with SNSD’s Yoona :D

And Seohyun’s..there. xD And Kyuhyun walks in! The two awkward, but known for their intelligence youngest members of SuJu and SNSD with super powerful vocals! Hm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the two interact. D: I should look into that!

Let’s Go On A Trip was too epic ^^ Oh! And at 2:38, Zhou Mi and Luna are holding hands! Yay!

KYEEE ^___^ SM Town!<3 They’re the best~

Okay! Off to Amber’s me2day to tell her to take pics w/ Henry!


3 Responses

  1. “In terms of blogging:
    Chinen Yuri is to Micchi, as
    Henry Lau is to Eva. ^^”

    Haha~ I lobve you so much Ebah-chan xD

    Amber is my fave from f(x) :3 Those two look adorable together~!

  2. […] don't mean just SJM ^^] and SHINee are thereee! <3 And I heard some girls’ voices so maybe f(x) or SNSD are there too? :] :] Sooo adorablee xD They’re such huge […]

  3. seo belgie…

    […]HenBer fan desu! « Sing Your Dreams[…]…

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