Udon! is a fun word..

Today I went to Kinokuniya, the Japanese bookstore :O

And there was a Fullmetal Alchemist calendar! I have no idea why, but I was like, “KYEE I WANNA BUY THIS FOR MICCHI! ……wait, I won’t be able to give it to her =__=” Yup. xD

Omggg.. the first thing I saw when I went to the manga section was…


Kojiru gave my friend the 1st one and it looks cool, though she never even read it.. -__- [She has a SYAORAN DOLL♥ too but he collects dust in her closet.. what a hater. T.T]

;___; It was suuchh a preetttyyy boookkk… And it was like :O 150% as thick as the 1st character guide! And it’s like abnormally HUGE in SIZE too! :OOOOO T.T And on the back, it was like, “Are you obsessed with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle?! Then you must read this book! Blah blah blah” And I was like


TT___TT But it’s soo exxpennsiveeee… It was like $17. T.T For a book. That’s friggin almost one month of allowance for me! :OOO -kicks rock- Grr this sucks. Dx And although it’s bad because I’m in AP English, I usually don’t really like books much.. xD I don’t even own any manga books. [Except Kilala Princess<3..]

So then! We went to my aunt’s new apartment which is O__O RIGHT BEHIND KINOKUNIYA. THAT’S SOO COOLLLLL *_____* So then for dinner, we WALKED to the Japanese marketplace next to Kino and ate udon! THAT’S SO COOLLL! I’ve never done that before! D’: I’m amazedd!

Oh and I saw a DBSK/Tohoshinki poster in the window of a barbershop! That’s so cool! I really wanted to take a picture with it, but that would’ve been..kinda weird..xD


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  1. I think I know which Kinokuniya you’re talking about~ :D
    You live in Cali, right~?

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