Sawako and Kazehaya 3

Kimi ni Todoke is a story about a girl named Sawako that people always misjudge, and everyone thinks she’s Sadako from the Ring.

Except for me, it was the Grudge…

Sawako 4

So yeah. Because I figured I related to Sawako a lot, I read the manga a loooong time ago and stopped early for a really stupid reason. Then just recently they started airing it as an anime, so I’m watching that.

At first, I was only gonna watch it ’cause Chiichama wanted to and I was a little bit interested in seeing how things would turn out. I didn’t have many expectations for it. And after I saw the promo video, the opening, and ending, I thought I wouldn’t like the anime…

I just watched ep 2 and KYEEEE I LOVE KIMI NI TODOKE SO MUCH. ;______; I would TOTALLY watch it now that I love it! ;__; It’s so good… <3

Sawako and Kazehaya
She looks soooo cute with her hair up! ^^

TT___TT I guess after my ending the manga on a bad note, I COMPLETELY forgot and didn’t realize how much I loove Kazehaya-kun and how endearing Sawako is! Kazehaya is suuuch a good guy ;___; I’m a sucker for anime guys like that. [SYAOOORAANN~] And it’s so sweet >__< that he would like a girl like Sawako..

AND SAWAAKKKOO! ;_______; I know how you feel! T.T

Sawako 3

HIGH FIVE, SAWAKO! ;_; Well I’m good with children and most dogs, but it’s people who’re afraid of me.. D;

In middle school, my friends would ALWAYS say “You know what you should be for Halloween?! The girl from the Grudge! You’re JUST LIKE HER.” ..every year……

And then just a few years ago in 8th grade, people always picked on me in science….. They’d say things like, “MEOW. MEOW. Did you hear that, Eva?! Now turn into the Grudge and kill the cat!” >__< I’m not even joking. People always said stuff like that to me TT_____TT

And then in freshman year, I was really violent because, for example, my own guy friends made a bet in which if one of the guys lost, the punishment was that they’d have to hit on me…… ;___; That’s the worst insult to a girl, so I lost my temper a lot and I’d hear stuff like “Don’t walk next to Eva! She’s dangerous!” or “What the hell is wrong with her?!” and everyone was reaaaalllyy scarreddd of meeee TT____TT

I had to work really hard the rest of freshman year and sophomore year to change my image… Despite that, even now in junior year, I feel like I can’t always be myself + that I’m disliked + that people are secretly afraid of me.. T.T Sawakkoooo~~ I’m on your side~ Oh and in the 1st ep, people were like, “Since you came in last, Kazehaya, your punishment is to go out with Sawako for a week!” ;__; soo meaaannn.. thank goodness he stood up for her, but I know how that feels~

Now I can’t wait for the next episode ^0^ *__*

And as for the people who called me the Grudge.. >[
I will have my revenge on them. Someday. When they least expect it.


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  1. I am EXTREMELY late [cough, almost two years ? XD] but awwww I abosolutely love Kimi ni Todoke >/////< I don't want to watch the anime before finishing the manga, and I'm still waiting for new releases T____T

    And Evava, the people who have said you look like the Grudge, they're just.. Bunch of shallow immature jerks -____- People like that tend to call everyone with long, brown, curly hair "Jesus", men with weird mustache "Hitler" and girls with long black hair either the Grudge or Sadako. I know it's not half as bad as what you've been through, but I was also on the…. 3rd and 4th grade called a violent Indian just because I had long brown hair. I reaaaally hope people don't pick on you anymore, and besides, I think you're really pretty and.. lively~ ? ♥ =D

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