Hahaha my subscriber count went from 111 to 110.

D; I’m really conscious about stuff like that.


In order to de-empty-fy this post.

Been listening to T-ara & Supernova’s “Time to Love” a LOT lately! :D

I didn’t like it or the MV the first time I saw/heard it, and I wasn’t very interested in the project group.. And I still sometimes have trouble telling which girl is who in T-ara, and I know absolutely nothing about Supernova. And I don’t like that practically only 1 girl sings[although she’s a super talented vocalist!], and then I only saw like.. 1 or 2 of the guys?

BUT DESPITE THAT, this song has been on repeat! Dx Suuuuch a good song! Really prettyyyy and really cool at the same time! Awesome singing and rapping. And catchy too. :O

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